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A Guide to Happy Customers

3 May 2021

A Guide to Happy Customers

Customer happiness refers to providing a satisfying user experience to a customer. It happens when you meet the expectations of your customer at the right time, with the right intentions. When you make mistakes, happy customers don’t leave you. They will give you a chance. Many will remain loyal and travel with you in your growth journey! 

So, do you want to make your customers happy? This guest post from Joy Gomez describes five ways to keep your customers happy with your services! So, keep reading!

1: Pay attention to what your customers are saying

If you want to keep your customers happy, then start listening to them. Pay attention to what they are asking for, what problems they’re facing and how much they are ready to spend on your services or products. When you listen to your customers, you’ll get a clear picture of their expectations. Now you may know what to do! Yes, you are right! Try to meet their expectations to keep them happy.

2: Get feedback from your customers

If your customer doesn’t like what you offer, it is time for a change. And if you don’t change, they will! There may be little point in following your present course, if it’s not what your customers want. Actively pursue feedback to give you an idea of how many customers are happy with your company and what they liked about your services. Or not! Feedback can help you in creating new strategies and service offerings. So, next time, when your customer complains about your services, don’t get upset. Instead, try your best to improve your what you offer and how your offer it!

3: Reward your loyal customers

What if you can reduce your spending but increase sales, year after year! Would you like to do it? Yes! But how can you do it? By rewarding your loyal customers! Companies reward their employees and keep them happy. But make sure you don’t forget to reward your customers. Always remember, it costs five times more to get a new customer on board than to retain a loyal customer! But, how can you reward them? Try simply giving them an added service, a free product, a special discount, or a special offer such as buy one, get one free. And often the loyalty bonus that means the most to customers is one that is unexpected. You’ll be surprised how far a surprise discount or freebie goes when it comes to customer loyalty!

4: Acknowledge your customers quickly

When you get a customer’s call, try to answer it right away. Make it company policy to answer a phone within 5 (ish) rings. Respond to emails equally promptly, ideally within a day. When your customer is on your premises, greet and acknowledge them immediately, even if it’s just to say “I’ll be with you in a minute.” Try to use eye contact and ensure your body language matches what you are saying and how you’re saying it. Such simple gestures show your customers that they are appreciated and valued. Acknowledging your customers can lead to improved customer satisfaction and therefore, retention. So, train your employees to meet and greet your customers quickly, correctly and consistently, to show them the best side of your company.

6: Keep your employees happy

This is what many companies ignore. Happiness is contagious! If your employee is not happy with you, he may not try his best to keep your customers happy. So, it is important to inspire your employees! Be nice to them! Provide opportunities to grow! In short, make them happy. You will instantly see the difference as happiness is contagious! If you keep your employees happy, they will keep your customers happy.

Happy customers will spread the right word about your business. They will recommend your company to friends, relatives and contacts. So, go the extra mile to care for your customers. After all, keeping your customers happy can maintain your company’s revenues. Following the tips in this guide to happy customers will keep your customers satisfied, and build a great brand reputation. Whether it’s new clients or those already enjoying your services, treat them like royalty and deliver the best service you can offer.

About the author: Joy Gomez is a self-taught, process driven programmer, with a black belt in Lean Six Sigma. He is the creator of Field Promax.
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