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Goal Setting activities Bundle

Goal Setting

Posted on November 22nd, 2015 · Posted in Goal Setting

Product Description

We’ve bundled together these six PDF e-guides to help you achieve your personal and business goals. At half the normal price! Read the guides in this order and use the tools in each. Then learn how to set SMART goals that are both personal and work-related. Then take SHARP action to reach them! (6 pdf guides, 157 pages, 32 tools, for half price!)

1 Smart Goals, Sharp Goals

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Changes are always easier if you have some clarity about what you intend to do. This guide will help you develop your goal setting skills. It uses two models, based on good practice, to assist in defining your goals and planning to achieve them. Goals need to be more than just SMART – they should also be SHARP. Being SMART helps to clarify your goals. Being SHARP means taking action to achieve them. (30 pages, 5 tools)

2 Making Better Decisions

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Some people argue that decision making is the most difficult aspect of management. They may have a point given its scale and scope, constant presence, and potential impact. There is no doubt that the decisions you make shape the business you are in. So how can you make better decisions?

You’ll find some answers in this guide. It’s packed with practical tools, clear processes, great tools, useful tips, thoughtful insights, and emerging ideas on “nudging” decisions. (33 pages, 5 tools)

3 Managing from Strength to Strength

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Looks at the question: “what do great managers do differently”? One of their secrets is a focus on people’s strengths. This one, simple idea can transform the way you work, and the performance of the people you manage. Applying that secret will make it far easier to set and achieve meaningful goals. (22 pages, 5 tools)

4 Making Change Personal

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Shows you how to make the changes that will help you create a happy workplace. This will only happen if we are willing to change. Change is always personal. Coping with change requires recognition of how it affects people, and strategies to manage it. This final guide in the bundle explores how we can develop our capacity to make personal changes, to better cope with change, and to help shape the changes around us. (22 pages, 5 tools)

5 Performance Management Skills

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There is no point setting goals if you can’t perform well enough to achieve them. This great-value guide will help you identify the specific skills needed to manage performance, then develop them quickly and effectively. It provides practical advice in five essential performance management skills. (19 pages, 7 tools)

6 Workstyle Lifestyle

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This bundle is designed to help you with both personal and work-related goals. Paying attention to your work-life balance is crucial because feeling good, and functioning well, go hand-in-hand. This guide contains an easy-to-use model, packed with practical tips, to help you get the balance right. (31 pages, 5 tools)

Personal Productivity Tips

Posted on January 7th, 2013 · Posted in Goal Setting, Managing Performance, Productivity, Time Management

Do you want to begin the new year with some personal productivity tips? Well a good place to start might be by reviewing our pages on goal setting, time management…
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