5 Ways To Reward and Show Employee Recognition

11 February 2021

5 Ways To Reward and Show Employee Recognition

How do you reward and show employee recognition? Annabelle Smyth suggests five ways in this guest post.

One thing we all can agree on is that everyone likes to be praised after a job well done. For this reason, it is important for companies to establish some kind of employee recognition and reward system. This not only keeps workers motivated, but it builds loyalty and team work, and eventually helps the bottom line.

What is employee recognition? Don’t let the idea scare you. We’re not referring to fancy cars or all-expense-paid vacations. Employee appreciation does not have to be costly, but it does have to be genuine. Here are five ideas for giving your better workers a pat on the back.

1 Money Talks

It goes without saying that money is always appreciated by employees. Reward excellence with raises, bonuses, stock options and any other money-related gift. Even companies with the smallest budgets can afford to buy gift cards. Purchase cards from a variety of retailers and let good workers choose one when a reward is appropriate.

2 The Personal Touch

You might be surprised how much some employees value being praised in front of colleagues or receiving a personal thank you note from the boss.

3 Opportunities

Creative employee recognition can take the form of asking an employee to substitute for a supervisor at a meeting or event. A worker can be asked to mentor another worker or to represent the company at a convention. Also, you may be surprised how many employees thrive on additional, more challenging work assignments.

4 Employee of the Month

Yes, it’s classic employee recognition, but it also works. Draw attention to a great worker with a public title or introduce the associate to key company clients as a top employee.

5 Be Flexible

Life is crazy these days, so flexibility is more valuable than ever before. Reward good workers with work schedules that make their lives easier, or allow them to telecommute one day a week.

Develop an employee recognition program

As you embark on your employee recognition program, there are a few legal concerns you must keep in mind. A badly managed program can backfire if you are not careful.

Conducting a Performance Management ReviewFirst, don’t play favorites. No one employee or group of employees should be regularly praised at the expense of others who deserve it.

Second, don’t operate the program in private. Be sure that all rewards are given publicly so everyone sees what’s happening.

Third, share the responsibility. Let a variety of managers and employees help establish and run the reward program. If these warnings make you nervous, consider contacting a company that specializes in developing worker reward systems. Reaching out to an expert will keep your program productive and safe.

Finally, remember, team work and motivated employees make a company strong. One way to build both is to establish an effective employee recognition and reward program.

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