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Posted on November 22nd, 2015 · Posted in Leadership

Product Description

We’ve bundled together these six PDF e-guides to help you develop your leadership skills. At half the normal price! Read the guides in this order, and use the tools in each, and lead the way to better management. (6 pdf guides, 163 pages, 27 tools, 22 insights, for half price!)

1 Leadership Essentials

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It seems everyone has a view on leadership but how is it possible to learn about leadership, and how do you learn how to be a better leader? This guide is the place to start. It’s packed with:

Easy-to-read insights into the essentials of leadership.
Easy-to-use tools to help you be a better leader. (31 pages, 7 tools)

2 Defining Leadership

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Encourages you to develop your own approach to leadership, building on the wisdom of others, but based on your own strengths. Manage change by making critical, positive differences, to people and to the organisations in which you lead. Leadership and change can never be separated from context. This guide will show how to do this by leading people effectively, whatever the situation. (31 pages, 5 tools)

3 Leading Insights

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In this guide we have brought together some uncommon insights into leadership. Why? Because leadership is increasingly needed in unpredictable circumstances, where resources are constrained. It’s leaders who are expected to show the way forward, often by thinking differently. Lead the way with this fantastic collection of motivational insights. (30 pages, 22 insights)

4 Leading with Style and Focus

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Your leadership style will determine how you engage with people, providing motivation and commitment. Your leadership focus will help ensure you apply the right leadership style for the right situation.

Leading with both style and focus are critical for effective leadership. Find out how to lead teams through the different stages of their development – with the best style and focus. (22 pages, 5 tools)

5 Transformational Change

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This guide explains what is meant by transformational change. In an increasingly competitive environment, change is an inevitable and intrinsic part of organisational life. Change may be constant but it is not often the same – different situations require different approaches to change. This guide will help you understand change and shows how you, as a leader, can deliver change that transforms. (27 pages, 5 tools)

6 Making Change Personal

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Shows you how to make the changes that will help you create a happy workplace. This will only happen if we are willing to change. Change is always personal. Coping with change requires recognition of how it affects people, and strategies to manage it. This final guide in the bundle explores how we can develop our capacity to make personal changes, to better cope with change, and to help shape the changes around us. (22 pages, 5 tools)

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