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Uncommon Leadeship e-book

Uncommon Leadership: how to build competitive advantage by thinking differently

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Some months ago we were asked if we’d consider writing a suite of books which developed some of the themes we’ve been exploring on the Happy Manager. So we are…
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Six Motivational Techniques for Managers

HR specialist and writer, Dennis Phoenix, suggests six motivational techniques for managers. Any manager knows that a motivated team is a productive team. The success of any business is dependent…
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Management style

Do you know your management style?

Do You Know Your Management Style? In this guest article, leading management authority Sean McPheat asks this and some other key questions. Such as: do you know the impact of…
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Leadership Styles and Culture in the West and Asia

Leadership Styles and Culture in the West and Asia

From country to country, leadership styles vary greatly based on political reign, cultural values and historical events. Kate Simmons offers some advice for any manager who is thinking about re-locating…
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Leadership skills

Leadership Skills – a key to happiness?

Are leadership skills just for work? Everyone knows that leaders are respected members of society. The goal of many associations and programs is to create established leaders who can help…
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