Realising the potential of teamwork in the workplace

Teams matter! On this page you’ll find our teams knowledge hub full of teamwork articles, tips, tools, activities and resources, on the art and science of leading teams.

Releasing your team’s potential to perform isn’t always easy. So we’re here to help. In these pages we examine what makes teams more effective. We explain teamwork theories, provide helpful tips and tools, and post links to other useful resources.

Teams don’t just happen they need to be built!

As managers, educators and consultants we’ve delivered team leadership and team development for managers and leaders across a wide range of organisations. It means we have gained crucial experience about what works and what helps. It’s from this background of good practice that we’ve now developed a comprehensive set of resources to help leaders get their teams performing.

Many team development models provide nice and neat steps and stages but say little about the messy context of the workplace, where teams are  often bogged down by problems. We’ve developed our resources to help you get a new team performing quickly, equip you to take over an existing team and crucially to identify and rectify team problems and revitalise teams that seem stuck.

In addition to general articles and tips, this section contains links to three, information-packed mini-series:

Teams are too important to let them develop by accident so use these pages to help you find out how to build teams that perform. There’s something here to help educators, students and all managers/leaders, whether you’re:

  • Starting a new team
  • Taking over an existing one
  • Feel you have a team that is stuck
  • Want to avoid common pitfalls with teams
  • Looking for team building activities
  • Want to carry out a team health check
  • Looking for tools to help you develop your team leadership skills
What is teamwork?

Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishment toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.
Andrew Carnegie

Teams Knowledge Hub

Thought-provoking articles & insights, practical tips & tools, teamwork theories, free downloads, and great value products to help you build better teams.

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This is a great website to visit for anyone searching for team building links!

I’ve been researching user-friendly sites related to team building and I just found the Happy Manager’s team building resource web page. This is a great website to visit for anyone searching for team building links!

Jonathan - United States

I love your e-guides

I’m teaching team leaders and team members 7 Step Problem Solving and found your site very enlightening and useful for my classes!!!

Kenneth - United States

Your site is wonderful

I do leadership training and your resources have been helpful. Thank you for your well done site.

Pat - United States

... really interesting and helpful thank you.

… really interesting and helpful thank you.
Really enjoyed session – thought provoking.
Promoted lots of thinking around staff skills. Excellent, keep doing these sessions. Very useful, definitely use these principles.

"Managing Strengths" seminar feedback

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These are fantastic little e-books, very thorough, easy to follow

We’ve used [the guides] as support tools for learners on our talent management programmes which has saved me a lot of time and a lot of money. I’d definitely recommend them.

Kieleigh - United Kingdom

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