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Included are new models of leadership you won’t find anywhere else. Before you read on, why not take a look for yourself in our book: Uncommon Leadership.

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But if you’re just looking for some inspiration, there is something here for you too – from famous quotes to our mini-series on leadership stories. Packed with great examples of how to lead others, there is something here to make you stop and think.

Here you’ll find fresh thinking that generates new ideas and better ways to work. All conveniently organised to help you lead the way to better management.

And you’ll be in good company…. these pages are some of the most widely read on the site. But before you start browsing our pages on leadership, here is one of our favourite quotes from the great Peter Drucker:

“Leadership is the lifting of a man’s vision to higher sights, the raising of a man’s performance to a higher standard, the building of a man’s personality beyond its normal limitations.” Peter Drucker

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What a terrific resource site!

I am currently producing learning materials to support the Institute of Leadership and Management’s VRQ at Level 4 and would like to incorporate some of your stuff into the workbooks.

Tony - UK

I love your e-guides

I’m teaching team leaders and team members 7 Step Problem Solving and found your site very enlightening and useful for my classes!!!

Kenneth - United States

Your site is wonderful

I do leadership training and your resources have been helpful. Thank you for your well done site.

Pat - United States

... really interesting and helpful thank you.

… really interesting and helpful thank you.
Really enjoyed session – thought provoking.
Promoted lots of thinking around staff skills. Excellent, keep doing these sessions. Very useful, definitely use these principles.

"Managing Strengths" seminar feedback

Special offer!

Your site is wonderful

I do leadership training and your resources have been helpful. Thank you for your well done site.

Pat - United States

If you are looking for some great value guides, full of knowledge, insights and practical tools, visit our store. This contains a full series of guides on each of the topics covered in our Knowledge Hub. And remember we have a great special offer on our e-guide bundles. You can halve the price of individual guides by buying in bulk!