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Managing Projects and Change

Change it! On time, in budget!

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The increasing importance placed on managing change and innovation means added complexity for most managers. Today managers need to understand the essentials of change management, then often become far more involved in the projects needed to implement changes.

Effective change, continuous improvement and organisational development all require project management skills. Yet how many general or operational managers feel totally happy when initiating or managing projects, either directly or through delegation? Especially when the burden of project management is added to the day job!

An understanding of project management guidelines is becoming increasingly important for today’s managers. Managing projects effectively: delivering outcomes on-time; on budget; and to quality standards, arguably requires specialist skills. All but the most straightforward projects were once considered the responsibility of specialists, managed either by in-house teams, or by external consultants.

No site dedicated to the happy manager would be complete without guidance on both project management basics and how to mange change. Below is a list of pages leading to articles, information and practical tips both on this site and beyond. Pages on this site are intended to support non-specialists charged with projects to manage.



Change Management Definition

The Cosmetic Approach! If you’re looking for a straightforward change management definition, have a look at our series of change management articles. These contain traditional ways to define... read more

Change Management Models

Many of today’s change management models owe much to Kurt Lewin. His was one of the first models to structure a change process. Published in 1947, it emphasised... read more

What Makes a Great Manager?

What makes a great manager? There are many different ways of answering this question but how many would include a reference to happiness? Ours does! We take the... read more

Change Management Model

A Strength-Based Approach to Change Imagine a change management model which starts by affirming what is right in an organisation. Intuitively we sense that, as with individuals, organisational... read more
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Tips & Tools

Project Management Guidelines

Start With The End In Mind! What is the first, and most important, of any... read more

Definition of Change Management

4 Principles to Shape Change Here we offer an alternative definition of change management. We... read more

8 Benefits of Change Management

The benefits of change management are associated with how its managed. So to answer this... read more

Project Management Checklist

Quick-start your project! A project management checklist is an essential tool to “quick start” any... read more