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Problem Solving

Don’t just take our word for it …

I … read your site from one page to another …. I think you’re a genius in problem solving

Jersey, Indonesia

Is it a problem or is it an opportunity?

Find out below with our growing collection of articles, tips and tools, packed with problem solving exercises.

The best place to start is our seven step problem solving process. This great tool provides techniques and a structured process for you to follow.

However you choose to start, there is plenty here to help you develop your problem solving skills.

But be sure to think about our problem solving methods. These stress two crucial principles, often missed in the rush to find solutions:

1: Think about the nature of the problems you’re trying to solve. Ask: “Is it the right problem to solve?”
2: Try not to see every problem as a problem. Think positive. Ask: “what opportunities are created by this problem?”

Is it a problem or is it an opportunity? A good question, epitomised by this famous quote:

There is great value in disaster. All our mistakes are burned up. Thank God we can start anew. Thomas Edison


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Tips & Tools

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