The Problems with Teams


What are the common pitfalls during the different stages of team building? How do you avoid them? Find the answers in this great value e-guide.

It’s far easier to pre-empt these problem areas than to recover from difficult situations after they have happened. One thing you don’t need is to become engulfed by problems, simply because you didn’t see the warning signs early enough. This e-guide is packed with practical insights into dealing with team problems, at all stages of their development. And essential reading at any stage of your career!

What's inside?

Content: 30 pages, 5 tools

Format: downloadable pdf with in-text hyper-link navigation feature

If there is one thing as important as knowing how to build a better team, it’s being able to manage the team effectively when things go wrong. Knowing what can go wrong, why, and how best to deal with it, is the key to overcoming team problems. Before they cause too much damage. This guide looks beyond initial team building activities, focusing instead on how you can manage several situations which may cause a team to go wrong.

Avoiding these common pitfalls can save you a considerable amount of wasted time and energy.One thing you don’t need is to become engulfed by problems, simply because you didn’t see the warning signs early enough. This e-guide is great value. It’s packed with practical insights, solutions, tips, and 5 tools to diagnose problems, assess options and plan action. In particular it will help you to:

  • Identify and pre-empt the problems with teams.
  • Form your team instead of “forcing” it.
  • Deal with individuals who are “exhausting” the team.
  • Get “dorming” teams performing, instead of too much emphasis on
  • team and not enough work.
  • With “aligning” your team leadership style with the team’s needs.
  • In “organizing” the team to cope with other influences.
  • Turn problems into opportunities as your team gets better.
  • Tool 1: Forcing teams
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    Kieleigh - United Kingdom

  • Tool 2: Exhausting teams
  • Tool 3: Dorming teams
  • Tool 4: Aligning teams
  • Tool 5: Organizing teams
Each tool will help you to do three things:
  • Assess whether you have this problem.
  • Identify possible options to deal with the problem.
  • Act – put an action plan together.
  • Decide on three or four key actions you intend to take to resolve the problem.
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The Problems with Teams


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