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Problem Solving

Posted on November 22nd, 2015 · Posted in Problem Solving

Product Description

We’ve bundled together these six PDF e-guides to help you solve problems and make decisions. At half the normal price! Read the guides in this order and use the tools in each. Then turn problems into opportunities and decide … to be a better manager! (6 pdf guides, 178 pages, 30 tools, for half price!)

1 Making Better Decisions

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Some people argue that decision making is the most difficult aspect of management. They may have a point given its scale and scope, constant presence, and potential impact. There is no doubt that the decisions you make shape the business you are in. So how can you make better decisions?

You’ll find some answers in this guide. It’s packed with practical tools, clear processes, great tools, useful tips, thoughtful insights, and emerging ideas on “nudging” decisions. (33 pages, 5 tools)

2 What’s the Problem?

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Most problem solving guides and processes begin with defining the problem. This is important but first we show you how to answer two critical questions:

“Is it the right problem to solve?”
“What opportunities are created by this problem?”

This guide will help you with both questions using a 7-step problem-solving process, plus a great set of tips and tools to use it. (35 pages, 5 tools)

3 Do More With Less

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The management of resources is a dilemma for any manager. This guide offers ideas from management thinkers to help you do more with less. Or, perhaps better still, to help you do less whilst achieving more.

Do More with Less discusses principles and suggests techniques to help managers deal with a growing problem. How to manage the increasing pressures of decreasing resources. It does this with some useful tools and some thoughtful insights. (25 pages, 5 tools)

4 Extreme Thinking – Unlocking Creativity

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This aim of the guide is start you thinking about thinking – using the power of ideas to help shape the future where you work. It’s about thinking creatively, with an open mind. Thinking differently about a situation is often the first step to finding a creative solution to problems. This is a key technique for turning problems into opportunities. (25 pages, 5 tools)

5 Smart Goals, Sharp Goals

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Changes are always easier if you have some clarity about what you intend to do. The SMART goals SHARP goals guide will help you manage change effectively. It uses two models, based on good practice, to assist in defining your goals and planning to achieve them. Goals need to be more than just SMART – they should also be SHARP. SMART clarifies you goals. SHARP focuses your actions to achieve them. (30 pages, 5 tools)

6 The Problems with Teams

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Almost all work performed in organisations is done by teams. So, many of the problems you’ll have to solve will be in teams too. This e-guide is packed with practical insights into dealing with team problems, at all stages of their development. And essential reading at any stage of your career! (30 pages, 5 tools)

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