Managing with head, hand and heart

A better way to manage

A better manager is someone who adopts a balanced approach to management.  We like to think about this balance by using the “Head, Hands and Heart” metaphor.


Head means thinking about what you know – developing your management knowledge and insights. Without this, you might be well-intentioned but un-informed. This may result in well-meaning but ineffective action. For example, action which is lacking focus, clarity or direction.

Becoming an educated, informed manager is a crucial first step to being a happy manager, but it’s not all…


Hand means applying what you know – making effective use of management skills, tools and actions. Without this you risk simply talking a “good game”. Management is not just about what you know, it’s about what you do: managing yourself and others to get the right things done.

However, knowing what to do and how to do it should always be led by knowing why you are doing it…..


Heart means understanding the importance of well-being – both in and out of the workplace. Without this, at best you risk ineffectiveness, both in your own performance and in the way you manage others. At worst you risk stress or burn-out, and managing work that’s unfulfilling for yourself and for the people you manage.

We believe that the motivation for managing is much more powerful if it comes from an understanding and practice of well being. Balancing this with appropriate knowledge and practical skills is the way to be a better manager.

For more on this read our articles: The Meaning of Happiness … at work! and What Makes a Great Manager? Or just dive into the Knowledge Hub topics below. But wherever you go, remember to manage with your head, hand and heart!

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The guides have been great

We’re trying to incorporate one of the exercises into a team event tomorrow. Thank you again for responding so quickly. Kamuela, PVH Corp, Human Resources

Kamuela - United States

I am impressed

… with the tools and activities that assist managers to assess their situation and ask questions about future direction and improvements. Overall, the [guides] create a solid basis for staff development without being too ‘over the top in theory’. A good blend of practicality and theory to help the audience focus on their own results.

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Thank you [for the guides]

I really needed them for a course I was delivering today. I just wanted some good examples and liked your material. Thank you sincerely and I will be back on your site … looking at more of your material. Very much appreciate your wonderful customer service.

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I love your e-guides

I’m teaching team leaders and team members 7 Step Problem Solving and found your site very enlightening and useful for my classes!!!

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These are fantastic little e-books, very thorough, easy to follow

We’ve used [the guides] as support tools for learners on our talent management programmes which has saved me a lot of time and a lot of money. I’d definitely recommend them.

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I am designing a new Management Development programme for my company and your Goal Setting guide has really helped.

I like the way you introduced material I haven’t seen before (SHARP action) & the tools to apply the learning. The price represents really good value for money and I will be checking out more of your material over the coming months.

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Many thanks for the guides

I haven’t yet read [the guides] from cover to cover however they strike me as well written. The language is good and the reader looks to be taken on a journey through the topic, encouraging you to read more. I’ll certainly recommend (them) to any of my colleagues.

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I really do find the guides useful

The tools, exercises and the frameworks are brilliant!

Best regards.

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Excellent session very thought provoking

Class well delivered & useful to my [team leader] role, really enjoyed it – thank you, very enjoyable & interesting session.
Excellent session very thought provoking.
Great idea. Very interesting seminar.
Great session.

"Build a Better Team" seminar feedback

Made me feel good about my role and how I can make things happen!

Made me feel good about my role and how I can make things happen!
Really good session, could have spent all day on this.
I do tend to spend a lot of my time thinking and used to feel a bit guilty – I won’t now!
… the best one I’ve been to so far.

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... really interesting and helpful thank you.

… really interesting and helpful thank you.
Really enjoyed session – thought provoking.
Promoted lots of thinking around staff skills. Excellent, keep doing these sessions. Very useful, definitely use these principles.

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Enjoyable session (again) thank you.

Enjoyable session (again) thank you.
Very useful to have these bite-size sessions. Great interaction. Enjoyable session [on time management].

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Very stimulating and thought provoking.
Excellent session some really good quality discussion [on middle management].
Very good session – at the moment there doesn’t seem to be ‘time’ but actually we should be making time for this type of learning.

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Well-structured and very well delivered.

Another really useful bite size course.
Well-structured and very well delivered.
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