How Outplacement Services Can Benefit Your Employees and Your Business

2 January 2024

How Outplacement Services Can Benefit Your Employees and Your Business

The working world has faced numerous challenges in recent years, and employees are feeling the brunt of it. Layoffs, in particular, have become increasingly common and frequent across industries like tech, media, gaming, and more. Unexpectedly losing one’s job can be frustrating and discouraging, not just for the employee getting fired or laid off but for the existing workforce and the entire company as well. Fortunately, it’s not impossible to facilitate a smooth severance for your employees. Outplacement services are a valuable resource for both employers and employees during difficult transitions. Not only do they provide guidance and support to departing employees, but your current staff and your business benefit from them.

What is outplacement?

Outplacement is any service that provides support and assistance to displaced employees as they transition to new job opportunities. These services can be offered in benefits packages or a severance agreement. They can include guidance on resume writing, job searching assistance, interview training, up-skilling, consulting, and more. Outplacement helps workers facing redundancy to leave with dignity despite the circumstances. It also shows that your organization is one that cares for its people and reputation as an employer.

The Benefits of Outplacement
1 Departing with Dignity

Facing termination and having to make a job transition unexpectedly is a stressful experience for employees. There’s much to consider when making a big career move—such as relocation, employers, and career responsibilities—and the lack of preparation can make it much more difficult to navigate. Outplacement services assist your staff with preparing for a new role, allowing them to feel more equipped and ready to find work elsewhere. Ensuring their success outside your company helps maintain good relationships and a strong network, which both parties can use to their advantage. This also helps your company avoid legal action like wrongful termination lawsuits, which can affect your business’s image and your employees’ attitudes.

2 Boosting Team Morale

Employee terminations can have a negative effect on team morale and productivity. By offering outplacement services to departing employees, you showcase that your company cares for its people and allows them to leave on a happier note. Outplacement helps nourish a positive culture that can foster resilience in times of uncertainty by dealing with challenges—such as layoffs—and turning it into an empowering endeavor. When you guide your workforce every step of the way, your team feels more valued and appreciated, improving their morale and leading to enhanced retention, productivity, and dedication.

3 Protecting Your Reputation

Your company brand plays a huge role in your business’s operations, from recruitment to employment to
resignations and departures. Providing outplacement services can preserve and enhance your organization’s reputation. It showcases your company’s values and pursuit of solutions that fit the needs of the modern workforce. You also keep your business in your former employees’ good graces, maintaining a positive image. Valuing the work and well-being of your employees can also attract top talent who appreciate your company’s responsibility to its people.

Having to lay off employees is difficult for both parties, but including outplacement services in your benefits package or severance agreement can make a big difference for your organization and your people. These services provide a human approach to an unpleasant situation that often leaves people feeling lost and frustrated. Considering the challenging times that are plaguing the working world and society in general, ensuring that your departing employees leave with dignity can foster resilience and success for them, your existing staff, and your company to help stay afloat amid the hardships.

Author Bio:

Celeste Hawthorne is a freelance writer focusing on business trends and employee management.
She aims to guide employers in approaching employee concerns with humanity and dignity. When she’s not writing, she enjoys gardening with her family.

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