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3 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Next Big Career Move

28 April 2021

3 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Next Big Career Move

Plenty of people plot out their careers years in advance, but the challenge facing many of us is deciding exactly which path to follow. Especially when we may have several options on the table. To that end, here are three things to consider when coming to a decision over the next big step in your professional life. 

International relocation may be an option

Given the difficulties faced by many organisations as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, you may be unsure about your current career prospects. Sadly, large numbers of businesses have been forced to severely curtail their operations. With the future still uncertain, you might be wondering if there are adequate opportunities to support your career ambitions locally. Being prepared to move location within your organisation has always been a key to promotion but perhaps it’s more important now, than ever before.  It may even be that international relocation is something worth weighing up.

If your current employer offers relocation packages this may be something that’s definitely worth exploring. It may both accelerate your progress up the corporate ladder and provide the personal growth opportunities that comes from travel. It could also be an ideal way to see more of the world and live in a different country, without having to take any significant risks yourself. You may also make yourself more appealing to prospective employers if you exhibit a willingness to relocate, or even if you apply for positions with firms that are based overseas in the first place.

Having the right boss is important

This is an often-overlooked factor for any career-driven individual, but it’s definitely worth considering how your relationship with your boss will shape your future within an organization. And it should certainly help determine whether or not making the move to a new job is worthwhile. It comes down to whether or not your boss is both eager to support you and see you thrive, and is also proactive about making this a reality, rather than being all bluster and broken promises. As we’ve said in our article: The Value of a Good Manager, people leave managers not companies!

Equally, when you’re applying for new positions it’s also important to do your homework on the culture of the business you’re intending to enter join. Ensuring you’re working with an organisation which is the right ‘fit’ for you is critical. Not just for your ability to grow and prosper, but also have a happy and satisfying time as you do so. For more on this read about what makes a happy company and creating a happy workplace.

With greater power comes greater responsibility

Another aspect of choosing your next big career move must be focused on both how prepared you feel for moving up to the next level, and how ready you are to shoulder the increased burdens that come with entering into roles with more responsibility. Whether it is responsibility for managing a team or responsibility for hitting loftier targets, the added stress that comes with rising through the ranks is not something to ignore.

It’s also worth thinking about the cost of chasing a promotion or a move to a better paid role elsewhere. It goes without saying that earning a larger salary goes hand-in-hand with putting more in. You’ll be expected to work harder and probably make bigger sacrifices to justify your new income. There are numerous motivational stories on this site to help you think differently about work. Perhaps start with the Benefits of Time Management before chasing that promotion quite so quickly! 

Ultimately, you need to carefully consider all of your options before choosing your next big career move. Perhaps it might be fine to just tread water for a little while longer, if you’re not comfortable taking that leap quite yet. But if the right opportunity comes along then go for it! 

About the author: Michael Dunlop is the Chief Operating Officer of Paradigm Digital Ltd and has extensive experience in business consultancy services.
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