Host a company party: 5 ideas to make it a huge success

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Hosting a company party that is lively and successful can be a frustrating mission for the clueless host. Kathrine Kreger has some tips to design a party that is unforgettable and appropriate for the office environment.


Offer complimentary gifts

Brighten the eyes of your coworkers by offering appealing gifts. Gifts like coffee mugs, office supplies, and small decorations are acceptable unisex options. Giving each person a raffle ticket to win a super prize is another way to amplify the surprise during a company bash.

Infuse an exciting theme

Hosting a company party with an exotic and interesting theme is sure to boost attendance and excitement. Tropical-themed bashes, or flashbacks to the seventies parties are unique. Holiday parties are opportune outlets for hosting an event that is both seasonal and stylish. Adding a gaming corner where participants win credits to exchange for small prizes fosters a fun celebration. An office party with a Karaoke competition adds a fun musical twist.

Acquire delicious food and drinks

Every company party is improved by tasty delicacies and flavorful desserts on hand. Caterers can help you design a delectable buffet spread that is sure to invigorate everyone’s taste buds. Adding an open bar with a few alcoholic drinks is a welcome addition for attendees ready to wind down. You can also set up a cab service for employees to obtain a safe ride home if necessary.

Host your company party at a sleek restaurant

If you belong to a quaint little office with a few employees, hosting the office party at a fine restaurant is the perfect choice. Allow each person to bring a spouse or friend to dinner to electrify the engagement.

Be considerate of the special needs of others

Keeping the needs of everyone in mind can be difficult, but the extra effort leaves a positive impression on each employee. For example, providing diet beverages and vegan food options for some employees is considerate and ensures that everyone is included. Some companies also create a private babysitting area for single parents who wish to attend a company party held after office hours.

Remember to send invitations in advance to make sure that everyone is aware of the company festivities. If you believe that a party theme or gift could be in any way offensive to anyone in attendance, do not utilize it. In addition to being a fantastic time for employees and managers to relax and interact, a pleasant company party generates goodwill and higher morale in the office setting.

Author Bio: Kathrine Kreger, is a freelance writer from Eugene, OR. She loves museums, art and football. For those businesses who are looking for a reputable catering company, look to Caterers Fort Worth.


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