Virtual Team Meetings and Video Conferencing

26 April 2021

Virtual Team Meetings and Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing software is arguably the most important team tool for organisations trying to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic.

The business world has changed significantly and perhaps permanently, since the arrival of this virus. This is especially true for those organisations which were previously reliant on fixed premises, physically occupied by numbers of employees. In order to cope with the demands of quarantines and social distancing, the primary solution for many businesses involved varying degrees of remote working.

Working from home or from physically separate locations meant that virtual team meetings became the norm for many organisations. This meant that video conferencing tools became an essential requirement, rather than one which was perhaps seen as optional before the pandemic. 

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  • The benefits of virtual team meetings
  • Why video conferencing – the importance of body language! 
  • Which video conference platform to choose 

Regardless of whether you’re managing a real or a virtual team meeting, the basics should still apply! Take a take a look at two more of our pages to help you run better meetings:

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