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Time Management Activities

8 Ways to Invest your Time

Develop your own time management activities using the table and questions in this article. This tool is intended to be used with our article “Why is time management important.”

You should read the article first which provides a timely reminder that time is scarce and valuable. To help apply the insight from the poem in the article we have created a checklist based on the 8 ways to spend your time advocated in the poem. Think through the questions and see how you are using your time, and ensure that you focus on what is valuable.

Whilst this article will only take a minute or so to read, to carry out the activity will take considerably longer. So take a minute to read the article and then perhaps set aside some time to develop your own plan to spend more time doing the things you value.

Time Management Activities: The Process

In the first column, “time”, estimate how much time you think you spend on the activity in a week.

In the second column ask yourself what do you value about each of these aspects of life?

In the third column think about what you want to do more of? Write down your ideas.

In the fourth column start to plan to make it happen by asking: what do you need to start changing to create time to do more of what you value? Think also about what you need to stop doing to free time for what you want to do more of.


Plan to do More of What You Value

Create your own time management activities by being clear about what you want to say “yes” to and what you want to stop doing or do less of, in order to do more of what you value with your time. Plan to make the changes you have identified and reap the Benefits of Time Management. In the next week what are you going to change? In the next month how will things be different?

If you do have the time to read more on this topic, follow the full discussion in our article: The Importance of Time Management. Or look at other detailed discussions on some of our related articles on Time Management Information.

Still pressed for time? Follow this link for the full list of Manage in a Minute pages.


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