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Problem Solving Exercises

Free problem solving exercises

You don’t often hear of problem solving exercises that start with finding the right problems to solve. Many would argue that they have enough problems to solve already without looking for more!

If problem solving is to be more than just an exercise, of going through the motions, then looking for the right problems is essential.

That’s because, identifying problems that are critical to your business success is certainly something worth being pro-active about. Finding the real cause of problems, and finding them early, is time well spent. And in doing so, keep looking for opportunity.

For example, finding and solving problems that affect your customers can transform a business. Poor service can be a problem but attention to service recovery is also an opportunity. Impress them with your responsiveness, promptness and attention to their needs, and there is an opportunity to turn dissatisfied customers into loyal ambassadors.

To help you think differently we have developed an e-guide packed with problem solving exercises. “What’s the problem” is designed to help you find the right problems then take steps to address them.

There are exercises to help you to:

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On our free downloads page you’ll also find three problem solving exercises which you can start using straight away:

  1. Problem Solving Skill: Finding the Right Problems to Solve – this tool will help you to see problems through the lens of opportunity.
  2. Problem Solving Activity Tool: a Question Checklist for Problem Solving – this is a simple but powerful question checklist that gets you asking the right questions.
  3. Problem Solving Technique Tool: 4 Steps to Improve Your Processes – this is a great process which really does make you question every part of your process and explore the possibilities of what can be done to make them better.

Feel free to download these and use them as you wish. And keep reminding yourself that:

“Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them.” Henry Ford.

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