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7 Step Decision Making Process Infographic

This free infographic will help you understand and use the 7 step decision making process. These are the essential phases of structured decision making activity, especially for big or important decisions.
Our colour infographic is a great tool for managers and trainers to use in team meetings or team building sessions. Or it’s a fabulous learning resource for teachers and students.
Click on the image below and start to improve your decision making … in just a minute!
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The 7 step decision making process infographic

The rational decision making process consists of a sequence of steps designed to rationally develop a desired solution. Typically these steps involve:

7 Step Decision Making Process Infographic


1 Identify a problem or opportunity

2 Gather information

3 Analyze the situation

4 Develop options

5 Evaluate alternatives

6 Select a preferred alternative

7 Act on the decision


To download your free 7 step decision making infographic, just click on the image >>>>>

More on the 7 steps in decision making

7 Steps in decision making

You’ll find more on these and other practical techniques in our e-guide: Making Better Decisions.

It’s packed with practical tools, clear processes, great tools, useful tips, thoughtful insights, and emerging ideas on “nudging” decisions.

Use the tools in this guide to help your decision making:

  • Tool 1: Do you need to make a decision?
  • Tool 2: The POCA decision making model
  • Tool 3: Decision levels
  • Tool 4: 7 step decision making process
  • Tool 5: Team decision making
  • Tool 6: Evaluating alternatives

See for yourself how to use the 7 steps in decision making, to help you be a better manager.


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