The 'Rights' of Good Customer Service

Get it right - 7 times!

The 'Rights' of Good Customer Service

Get it right - 7 times!

What is good customer service?

Well,we think one way to think about this is to consider the “rights” of good customer service. Or to be more precise, it’s about getting it right … 7 times!

Think about a time when you’ve experienced service that really impressed you. No doubt there will have been several things that combined to give you that sense of satisfaction.

How many? Well, in our opinion good customer service is delivered when organisations get at least 7 things “right”.

The “rights” of good customer service

Good customer service requires many things, starting with knowing who your customers are, and understanding their needs. Being clear about your customers’ wants and needs allows you to focus on the best possible ways to meet them.

The notion that customers have “rights” is normally interpreted in a contractual or legal way. But there is another way to think about getting it right for the customer. Thinking laterally here can be a helpful way to assess how you currently meet your customer’s needs.

Good customer serviceThink about your customers’ “rights” by asking if you’re doing:

  • The right things
  • The right way
  • With the right people
  • With the right tools and equipment
  • At the right time

Then, crucially try to ensure:

  • You are getting them right the first time!
  • And if something goes wrong, you put it right quickly.

Arguably, there has never been a more important time to focus on getting things right for the customer. That’s why you shouldn’t forget the last two rights, they are essential if you really do want to provide good customer service.

  • Getting things right the first time is always better and cheaper than having to go back and put right what went wrong!
  • And when things do go wrong, what really impresses customers is that you put it right quickly. Then work out which of the first 5 rights went wrong and fix it so that they can’t happen again.

Are you getting your customer service right? If not, think about which rights you might be getting wrong!. Then all you have to do is put them right. That’t the key to happy customers. And remember, this quote relates to all customer service, not just marketing!

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service fits her and sells itself.” Peter Drucker

Managing better customer service

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