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The new Happy Manager Store – bursting with ideas

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We’ve been working hard this last year, creating a wide range of e-guides to help you find a better way to manage.

These weren’t developed in isolation: they were based on our recent work in several organisations. They have been informed and refined by our experience with a range of managers:

team leaders; front-line managers; middle managers; senior managers; directors.

We’re really pleased with the result and hope you will be impressed too! In our newly designed store you’ll find over 33 individual e-guides, covering a wide range of management topics. They’re:

  1. Yours in seconds. Instantly download any of our pdf e-guides for immediate use. You can apply the tools & techniques, improve ways of working, and start building better management practices – right now!
  2. Packed and packaged. They contain some of the ideas and insights available on the site, conveniently packaged into easy reference e-documents – but with much, much more! Each has new, exclusive material, plus tools, exercises and practical guidance to help you manage.
  3. Written by experts. Each e-guide is professionally developed by experts with extensive experience of working with managers, both at a top UK Business school and within organisations.
  4. Easy to use. Each guide is written in plain, jargon-free English. They’re easy to read, easy to remember and easy to apply. They also have in-text, hyper-links for easy navigation between the contents, pages and tools.
  5. Tested in the workplace. Our guides have been developed with organisations, working with managers coping with real issues.
  6. Exclusive. You can’t purchase our e-guides anywhere else, they’re exclusive to The Happy Manager.
  7. Risk free. All transactions are via Paypal or credit card (using our PCI DSS compliant, payment services provider). And with our unconditional, 30-day, money-back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose!

Big savings with big bundles

The Happy Manager Store - now open!We’ve also grouped together complementary guides to help you deal with common management issues or problems.

We’re offering these 10 great-value, management bundles at half price:

Teams; Problem Solving; Leadership, Motivation; Time Management; Performance Management; Personal and Career Development; Goal Setting; the Happiness Workplace; Managing Projects and Change.

But these bundles are only our suggestions. You might prefer to buy a different combination of guides, to suit your personal needs. We’ve thought of that!

Our new “pick-and-mix” facility offers you flexibility and savings. Select any five guides (or more) and get them for half price. Build your own bundles!

Browse our new Happy Manager store and tell us what you think.