The motivational characteristics that headhunters look for

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Deep down each of us has the potential to be exceptionally talented, but finding the motivation and attitude to achieve what we’re capable of can feel like a daunting task. If you’re looking to achieve the best of your ability and to help others find their flair, Georgina Stamp suggests a few methods of motivating yourself and those around you.

Pure Positivity

The first step to feeling motivated, and to motivating others such as your employees or colleagues is to take on a positive outlook. Negativity can cause a depressive, unproductive atmosphere which can leave morale in the workplace feeling low. Staying positive rather than pessimistic is an apt method of improving productivity, if keeping yourself positive doesn’t feel like it’s making enough of a difference try spreading the positivity through your staff by complimenting their good work and praising them for their continuous support.

Being in the Observational Loop

However, if you’re simply looking to improve upon your own skills, it’s worth remembering that employers and other executives look fondly upon employees that keep up to date with what’s going on within the company. It’s also a major motivational factor if you’re kept in the loop and relaying information to those who may not know what is going on.

Strength in Character

Having just these first two characteristics isn’t enough for an employer, as being positively nosey isn’t all that they are looking for. Employers are looking for a strong character; they want your personality to shine through in any situation. Always be professional and polite as this is essential, but do not be afraid to be yourself. Management are not looking for a machine to do the job.

Connecting With Your Staff

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Now it’s time to think about your employees. What are the best methods of motivating your employees without irritating them? Sometimes all your employees will need is a 10 minute pep talk or team talk to get them going, tell them about company targets and floor figures to give them something to aspire to. Other days, when the going is especially slow you may want to run company competitions to motivate your staff. Topics for your competition must be related to the job but not too difficult for your employees to accomplish whilst continuing their work as normal.

Everyone Loves a Bonus

Another, more costly method of increasing productivity would be to offer a bonus or some sort of reward to an employee who achieves the highest target or improves the most etc. Nothing motivates society more than the thought of winning, whether they’ll be receiving money or a prize is usually irrelevant. However, if you have unique strategies for implementing this reward system, it will stand out more for headhunters.

Promotion Possibility

Lastly, you could motivate your employees through the possibility of a promotion. Whilst it isn’t advised that you offer promotions regularly due to the cost, a permanent raise can increase productivity tenfold when compared to a team talk or a talk about the company’s targets.

If you’re thirst for improvement is not sated and you’d like to learn more about motivation and inspiration in the work place try talking to fellow professionals, or for some expert advice have a look around the rest of the Happy Manager website.

Georgina Stamp works in the interim management industry where they routinely look for the most qualified executives for respectable companies. She currently works for Marble Hill Partners who also specialise in executive search.



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