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The Happy Workplace

How do you build a happy workplace? Find out how to manage a happier workplace, starting with our collection of articles, tips and tools below.

Don’t just take our word for it …

I love your website and the encouraging words. PS I am a happy manager!

Velma, Canada

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The Happy workplace

What a difference happier workplaces make! Here we’ll explore how to make that difference and start to build happier more productive workplaces.


Growing Evidence for the Happy Workplace

Happy workplaces make good business sense, and it’s managers that make the difference. But don’t just take our word for it. There is growing evidence both from research and the world of business that:

  • People perform better at work when they are happy: happy people are more successful at work:
  • “Profits are an extension of a happy workplace” – as one successful businessman argued, a happy workplace made the difference for his organisation.

Before reading on why not take a look at the evidence for the Happy Workplace? We have put together a great series of resources to help you build a happier workplace. Take advantage of our great half price offer. You can find out more about these great resources in The Happier Workplace. We spend too much of our life at work, not to put the practices in place that make for a happier and more productive workplace. Start to change the way we work with our happier workplace series. You can download them straight away for half price by clicking on the image below.

The happier workplace Productivity in the workplace

This site contains a growing range of resources, so come back regularly for fresh inspiration. Follow our links to explore the numerous ways that both you and the people you manage can be happy at work.

Of course, being happy is not just about work, it’s about life more generally. Below you’ll find we’ve put together three mini-series of articles. These will make it easier for you to read about what happiness is, how to find it, and why its just as important at work as anywhere else.



Happiness Theory – Happiness: Lessons from a New Science

Perhaps happiness theory can explain a paradox. Whilst we’re getting richer, healthier and have more possessions than ever before, why are we no happier? In his excellent book... read more

Goal Setting Tip

Goal Setting Tip: Do What You Love How to be happy? If we could offer one, single, goal setting tip it would be: “do what you love”. Some... read more

What Causes Happiness?

What causes happiness? Is it all down to our genes? Is it due to external conditions, or is it in part down to us and therefore really it... read more

Success Maker?

Success Maker: Developing the Happy Manager Do you want to be a success maker? Perhaps the first thing to consider is a couple of quotes. Firstly, Dale Carnegie’s:... read more
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Tips & Tools

The Fifth Discipline – the Art and Practice of the Learning Organisation

The Fifth Discipline, by Peter Senge Peter Senge, founder of the Center for Organizational Learning... read more

Finding Flow – The Psychology of Engagement With Everyday Life

“Finding Flow”, By Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. “If we really want to live, we’d better start at... read more

Dealing with Job Loss – How to Stop Worrying With Plan A

Faced with job loss? Whether it’s being made redundant, not being made permanent, or actually... read more

Work Life Effectiveness – Work to Your Strengths

What’s the best way to develop your work life effectiveness? Well, perhaps it’s to apply... read more

What Makes a Happy Company?

Six Questions to Build a Flourishing Workplace What makes a happy company? There is a... read more

Self Motivation Techniques

Self Motivation Techniques: Coping with Work Difficulties Sometimes we may need self motivation techniques to... read more
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