The Enriched Middle

Posted on ยท Posted in Middle Management

Rather than an expanding or entrenched middle (as we discussed in our previous blogs) it’s time to think of middle managers as a rich source of ideas and creativity; an enriched middle.

Changes in the organisation have to go through the middle if they are to be successful. Therefore the middle of the organisation is crucial to its effectiveness.

For this to happen there will need to be a new dialogue about the role of middle managers to re-focus what middle management could or should be about. This we think will need two questions to be answered:

1. How do organisations make the most of the talent they have fulfilling these pivotal roles?

2. What do middle managers themselves need to do, in order to make the most of their potential?

To create an enriched middle, the organisation needs to look differently at its middle managers, and middle managers need to find their voice to better shape their organisation.