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Our service is simple, we help you build a better business.

Do you really have time to search for informed, stimulating, challenging, management and leadership development resources? Well that's where the Happy Manager comes in - we've done the hard work for you.

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Teams don’t just happen – they need to be built!

I love your e-guides.

I’m teaching team leaders and team members … and found your site very enlightening and useful for my classes!!!

Kenneth, United States

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How do you keep your busy managers up to date with fresh thinking?

Practical knowledge and tools may be enough to keep your business going but it’s intellectual skills and insights that will take it to the next level.

Many management websites focus on practical knowledge and skills. Relatively few will emphasize intellectual skills and fewer still do both.

At the Happy Manager we bring the two together. We’ll help your managers acquire the practical skills needed to keep your business running effectively, whilst developing their intellectual skills and insights to help you build a better business. Just read a selection of our testimonials to see for yourself.

In partnership with the Happy Manager

Partnering with the Happy Manager will help you maximize your management development investment. We’ll ensure:

  • Your managers focus on material and ideas that relate to your specific situation.
  • Cost effectiveness, as your development programme can start with resources already developed, and which are readily adaptable to suit your individual needs.
  • Managers receive stimulating insights and development of their intellectual skills to help them take your business forward.
  • Time spent in researching and presenting this material is ours, not yours.
  • Material and programmes are developed by our team of highly successful business educators and practitioners, bringing our comprehensive knowledge and experience of developing managers and leaders in a wide range of organizations.

Our Commitment

We believe that the quality of our resources, and the messages they contain, can make a critical difference in supporting managers at all levels in your organization.Creating a happy workplace means more than just improving management skills. It means bringing together ideas that stretch, challenge and stimulate. Ideas that provide a springboard to new practices and insights, ideas that lead to positive impact.We are committed to helping organizations make that positive impact. If you feel we could improve our services or products in anyway, please feel free to contact us direct.

Our Expertise

The Happy Manager is owned and maintained by Phil Higson and Anthony Sturgess, directors of the business and management consultancy Apex Leadership Ltd. They are both experienced management educators and developers, and former Business School department heads.


Their business was established to bridge the gap between knowledge and ideas that are so often not put into practice in the workplace. They have a long track record of developing innovative and challenging management and leadership development interventions, including programmes which have won national awards. From several MBA programmes to tailored, client specific programmes, Anthony and Phil have worked with new and experienced managers, in a wide range of organizations, across a breadth of management and leadership roles.

Anthony has previously developed resources with the Pearson Group’s management development business for their corporate clients. Managing large projects to create published management and leadership development resources, he has also developed a knowledge portal approach. This has enabled businesses to more effectively link a wide knowledge base to help them manage their specific issues, challenges and opportunities.