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Keep the Customer Satisfied: 4 Tips!

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How to keep the customer satisfied? In this guest post, Eric Zoberman says trust and satisfaction are the keys to having a successful business.

The first major focus of any business should always be to secure a strong customer base. It’s the most basic business concept out there: in order to sell a product, there must be people out there who are willing to buy, use and hopefully recommend that product. Even more important than simply getting people to use a product or a service, however, is getting customers to really love and stay with a product. One time sales are good for business, but returning customers who are invested in and attached to your product are the force that really stimulates growth and makes businesses financially successful.

Generally, all businesses are looking to not just sell, but also grow and make a profit, so attracting and keeping customers happy are two key components that companies need to focus on when making any and all business-related decisions. With these goals in mind, here are 4 tips that will help businesses attract customers as well as motivate these customers to stick with the businesses long term, both of which will lead to more profitable, successful businesses.

Tip 1: Keep the customer satisfied by listening

A company can create the most high-tech or novel product on the market, but if it does not fulfil the needs of the customer, it is not going to make a profit. When designing products or aspects of a service, listening to what customers want and do not want is the best way to know what is going to sell the most successfully. Getting constant customer feedback does not just serve a business’ purpose though; asking customers for their opinions makes them feel important and valued, making them more likely to stay with your business than go elsewhere. Remember: the customer is always right!

Tip 2: Keep the customer satisfied by making communication easy and frequent

Staying in contact with customers is key. Beyond simply speaking with and listening to customers, businesses need to make the lines of communication clear, open and manageable. Most people have had the unpleasant experience of either trying and failing to get in touch with a specific department or person at a business, or conversely have been able to make contact but were forced to wait a considerable amount of time to do so. Establishing streamlined communication systems that are user-friendly and respectful of customers’ time will make customers want to contact your business again and will make the customer experience better. Making frequent contact with customers will also keep them feeling valued.

Tip 3: Keep the customer satisfied by being non-aggressive

That said, making too much contact with customers is going to provide you with the opposite result. Spamming or contacting customers too aggressively will only serve to drive people away from a business, not toward it. Find a balance where contact between the business and its customers is regular and always available but to the point where it’s not being forced upon anyone. Providing customers with the option of contacting your business whenever they would like and making your business’ availability known will lead to much better results than throwing yourself at potential or regular customers.

Tip 4: Keep the customer satisfied by offering rewards

When people make decisions, monetary or otherwise, they typically go with the choice that will provide them with the most benefits. Whether they save money, get treated better or earn rewards for their customer standing, customers are more likely to stay with companies that give back to them instead of just take their business with no response. Customer appreciation can be shown in ways other than great treatment and strong communication—even though these things are necessary for successful businesses—so creating some sort of rewards or discount program will likely attract people to a certain business and hopefully will also keep them there.

When it comes to profitability and overall success, maintaining the highest possible level of customer service is hands down the most important business aspect that companies should focus on. Marketing a business as respectful of and dependent upon its customer base will ensure a broader and more satisfied clientele, and therefore a more successful business. Ensuring you keep the customer satisfied is the key!

Eric Zoberman writes for Aspect. Aspect provides next-generation call center technology, workforce management software and Microsoft solutions to help contact centers build and sustain customer relationships. Image courtesy of Luigi Diamanti/


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