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What’s in the Happy Manager?

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I love your e-guides.

I’m teaching team leaders and team members 8 Step Problem Solving and found your site very enlightening and useful for my classes!!!

Kenneth, United States

Below you’ll find a wealth of ideas, tips and tools…

  • Insights to challenge, inspire, and refresh.
  • Ideas to help you build a worthwhile and meaningful career.
  • Articles to help you balance effective knowledge, skills and action with a focus on well-being at work.
  • Techniques to build your management knowledge, ensuring it’s thorough and well-informed.
  • Tools to make your work easier and to help you develop good practice.
  • Tips to help you cut to the essentials – get helpful, practical advice quickly!
  • Stories and quotes to motivate, inspire and help you see things differently.

The Happy Workplace

Happiness is not just good for you … it’s good for business!

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Lead the way to better management

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Teams don't just happen ... they need to be built

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Decision Making

Decision Making

Decide to be a better manager ... managers make the difference

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Problem Solving Questions

Problem Solving

Is it a problem or is it an opportunity?

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Managing Performance

Managing Performance

People perform better at work when they’re happy

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Put motivation at the heart of performance

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Goal Setting

Achieve personal and business goals ... be SMART and SHARP

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Happy Customers

Customers come second ... good managers put people first

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Time Management

Time Management

Take a fresh look at time: it's an investment

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Personal Development

People & careers ... keep adding, keep walking, keep advancing

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Managing Projects & Change

Change it ... on time, in budget

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