How to show employee appreciation – easily and often!

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This guest post from Arlene Chandler offers some tips on how to show employee appreciation easily and often!

Expressing employee appreciation is a big part of holding onto quality workers, and any manager knows that company success is more likely to be steady when employee turnover is to a minimum. If you’re like most managers, you probably make an effort to show gratitude for your employees’ hard work, but the once-a-year holiday thank-you card may not be enough to convince the crowd. Showing your employees that you value their hard work, time-consuming efforts, and dedication to your company is important to do on a regular basis, and luckily, doing so is not difficult or complicated in the slightest.

Benefits Speak Volumes

A simple way to let your employees know that they are consistently valued is to offer them benefits; insurance packages and paid vacation time might not seem like a self-esteem booster, but the feeling of having the company you work for look out after your well-being can go along away. Benefits are worthwhile and necessary, and they allow your employees to feel as though you care about them on a human level which will really make anyone think twice about resigning.

Show Respect and Trust

Nothing makes someone feel undervalued like being made to feel as though their motives are in question, and sometimes it’s the things you refrain from doing or saying that really show your employee appreciation. Unless a worker has a bad track record, avoid double checking on their work; that makes most individuals uncomfortable, and having to report back to you on every little detail can transport anyone right back to elementary school. Until someone gives you a reason to do otherwise, always give your trust and expect the best. Creating an environment where workers are encouraged to feel capable and independent says a lot more about how much you appreciate their efforts than being the office big brother does.

Express Gratitude in Meetings

Meetings typically are arranged to address concerns, upcoming changes, or a recap on how the business is doing, but they also make for a great opportunity to express bits of gratitude to your employees. Try to end every meeting with a genuine expression of how much you value your employees trying efforts, and even if the meeting is created to address areas that need improvement, ending on a positive note will let your employees know that even if things aren’t going ideally, the time and effort they willingly put into their days is acknowledged.

Out of the Ordinary Keeps things Fresh

How to show employee appreciation

Relating to your employees and showing that you understand what they deal with on a day to day basis can help engrain your appreciation into their minds. If your workers deal with monotonous tasks, help spice things up by doing something out of the ordinary once a week. Maybe you can arrange for Friday to be a certain theme and everyone can dress up accordingly, or you can bring in pastries and coffee for the office to enjoy. Whatever it is you choose to do, giving your employees something to look forward to will help them realize that the long office hours they spend working for your company aren’t taken for granted.

Make the Break Room a Place to Relax

Every job comes with its fair share of stress factors, so make the employee break room a place where your workers can clear their minds for a few minutes. Set up a TV, bring in a variety of magazines, or hang positive quotes or messages on the wall; this helps send the signal that even if the day gets a little tense, you want to help your employees have the option to take a breather and blow off some steam.

How to show employee appreciation – easily and often!

Letting your employees know that you value their hard work is a great way to keep them motivated as well encourage them to stay loyal to your company. It’s an easy thing to accomplish, and by saying please and thank-you, relating to them about their daily responsibilities, and giving them a few small incentives to stick around, your gratitude for their efforts should never be in question.

Arlene Chandler is a freelance writer who loves helping people face the uncertainty of tomorrow. When she’s not relaxing in the hills with her two dogs, she writes about finance tips, career advice, and income protection Australia from AAMI.

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