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Decision Making

Finding the right decision making technique, or the tips and tools to help you develop your skills in ONE PLACE is hard enough. Here you’ll also find insights and some different thinking to take decision making to the next level!

Welcome to our collection of decision making articles, tips and tools. They’re designed to give you some thoughtful and practical insights into, what some might argue, is the most difficult aspect of management.

You might like to start with our featured article for a definition of decision making. Here we introduce a new decision making technique: POCA. Then perhaps make use of our great range of resources, starting with our rational decision making model.

Decide to be a better manager – managers make the difference!

This provides an excellent overview of this critical management skill.


Half-price offer: decision making techniques and much more

First though why not take a look at our comprehensive decision making resources which we have brought together with a great half price offer. We talk through the benefits and features of the resources in finding the right decision making model.

You’ll find new models, tips and tools that you won’t find anywhere else and of course no decision making set would be complete without problem solving, the two approaches go hand-in-hand.

We have also brought together e-guides on creative thinking and the crucial management skills needed to Do More with Less.

Each guide is a great resource on it own, but together they offer much more, which is why we have put them together in our offer: 6 guides, 178 pages, 30 tools AND all for half price!


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Below you’ll find all our free resources and articles why not pick from pages on decision making such as :

styles; types; techniques and methods.

Wherever you decide to start, you’ll find a great set of resources to help you improve your decision making skills. Decide to become a better manager – managers make the difference!


Decision Making Problem

Is it a Decision or is it a Problem? One of the first decision making problems you face (often without realising it) is to decide whether you have... read more

What Great Managers Know

What Great Managers Know: It’s Obvious Stating The Obvious – Making Management Ideas Simple What do great managers know? J.D. Rockefeller once said: “the secret of success is... read more

Group Decision Making Methods

Getting great minds to think alike! What group decision making methods do you use? If you’re unsure how to answer that question, then this article will help you... read more

Intuition and Decision Making

Use your intuition and decision making becomes a lot easier. Well, many people believe this but is there any truth in it? And does it help you to... read more
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Tips & Tools

7 Step Decision Making Process Infographic

This free infographic will help you understand and use the 7 step decision making process.... read more

7 Steps in Decision Making

These 7 steps in decision making will give you the essential elements of a structured... read more

An Initial Decision Making Technique

One useful initial, decision making technique is to assess a decision based on its level.... read more

Decision Making Lesson 1

Decision Making Lesson 1: Do You Need to Make One? Perhaps the first decision making... read more
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