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Archive for the 'Middle Management' Category

Six Motivational Techniques for Managers

HR specialist and writer, Dennis Phoenix, suggests six motivational techniques for managers. Any manager knows that a motivated team is a productive team. The success of any business is dependent…
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Management style

Do you know your management style?

Do You Know Your Management Style? In this guest article, leading management authority Sean McPheat asks this and some other key questions. Such as: do you know the impact of…
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Finding your voice in the middle of an Organisation

Posted on April 12th, 2012 · Posted in Middle Management

The other week Anthony spoke at a middle manager conference set up by one of our public sector clients. The title of the talk was: Middle Vision, redefining the role…
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The Enriched Middle

Posted on February 15th, 2012 · Posted in Middle Management

Rather than an expanding or entrenched middle (as we discussed in our previous blogs) it’s time to think of middle managers as a rich source of ideas and creativity; an…
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The Entrenched Middle

Posted on February 13th, 2012 · Posted in Middle Management

Some managers can feel as though they are stuck in the middle of the organisation which rapidly becomes an entrenched middle. This can be every bit as damaging as allowing…
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The Expanding Middle

Posted on February 8th, 2012 · Posted in Middle Management

In our recent blog: re-inventing Middle Management, we called for a fresh look at the role of middle managers. Here we look at one of the problems with the middle…
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Re-inventing Middle Management

Posted on February 6th, 2012 · Posted in Middle Management

Middle managers have received a bad press. Several surveys point to difficulties in the “middle” of an organisation. In the midst of questions about the effectiveness of middle managers, and…
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