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How to communicate change in the workplace

How To Communicate Organisational Change

Posted on · Posted in Managing Projects and Change, Motivation

In this guest post from Alistair Kane, he offers some advice on how to communicate organisational change. The quote “nothing is permanent except change” is especially true in the professional…
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Keeping employees happy when communicating change in the workplace

Change is inevitable. Whether it’s planned or not, it’s the one thing in life we can ever really be sure about. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing! Alastair Kane…
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Improving Change?

Posted on · Posted in Managing Projects and Change

Some one once said: “All improvement is change, but not all change is improvement.” Effective change needs a clear purpose or else it runs the risk of being a change…
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Shaping Change Positively

Posted on · Posted in Managing Projects and Change

When a change is proposed in the workplace, our first thoughts invariably turn to how we think it will affect us. From the start, change seems to be personal, so…
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