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Investing in human resources

Investing in Human Resources

Is it worth investing in human resources? Well, as a snapshot answer to that question we offer this anecdotal exchange between a finance manager and a chief exec: CFO asks…
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Fun at work matters!

Encouraging fun at work can yield real benefits in the workplace, according to Adrian Gostick and Scott Christopher. They write that fun in the workplace can: reduce stress; improve staff…
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Six Motivational Techniques for Managers

HR specialist and writer, Dennis Phoenix, suggests six motivational techniques for managers. Any manager knows that a motivated team is a productive team. The success of any business is dependent…
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4 Ways to Improve Your Next Team Building Event

Posted on · Posted in Managing Performance, Motivation, Teams

A good team building event is good for employers and employees alike! This guest post from Paul Simms offers some good advice. Although the prospect of a day out of…
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5 ways to make your company more secure

The more advanced businesses become, the higher the security risks. A major reason for this is many companies employ a number of technological tools and devices to run every day…
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The components of a great office break room

When it comes to running an office, it’s important to provide an atmosphere where productivity and success can bloom and flourish. While making sure your employees are on task is…
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Management style

Do you know your management style?

Do You Know Your Management Style? In this guest article, leading management authority Sean McPheat asks this and some other key questions. Such as: do you know the impact of…
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5 Surprising ways to boost your work productivity

Bruno Galera suggests 5 interesting ways to boost your work productivity. Are you taking full advantage of technology to make your work more productive? Here are five easy ways you…
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Increasing employee motivation

4 Ways to Positively Motivate Your Employees

Here are 4 ways to positively motivate your employees in a guest post from Julie Hartwell. For as long as desk jobs have existed, so have discouraged employees. For every…
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Employee Career Development Plan

4 Steps to the Perfect Employee Career Development Plan (With Template!)

Creating an employee career development plan is a great way to support each of your employees and their career paths. This guest post from Pierce Boylin shows how it can…
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5 ways to reward and show employee recognition

5 Ways To Reward and Show Employee Recognition

Posted on · Posted in Managing Performance, Motivation

How do you reward and show employee recognition? Annabelle Smyth suggests five ways in this guest post. One thing we all can agree on is that everyone likes to be…
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Five Steps to Becoming a High Performer at Work

Guest post from Elizabeth Grable. Employers today are looking for employees who are going to give 100 percent and devote themselves toward the goals and vision of the company. These…
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Personal Productivity Tips

Do you want to begin the new year with some personal productivity tips? Well a good place to start might be by reviewing our pages on goal setting, time management…
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Focus staff induction on your staff - not on you!

Focus staff induction on your staff – not on you!

Who hasn’t got a tale to tell regarding induction into a new job or a new post? We certainly have! Last week we came across an excellent post from Business…
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Job interview questions

Job interview questions – two sides of the coin!

There are two sides to any set of job interview questions! As we’ve already discussed in several places on the Happy Manager, one of the best ways to manage performance…
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50 Blogs That Will Make You a Better Manager

Many thanks to top ranking website Online MBA which has added the Happy Manager to its list: 50 Blogs That Will Make You a Better Manager. “These blogs offer a…
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Do More with Less

Posted on · Posted in Managing Performance

Managers are increasingly being asked to do more with less but how do you achieve this? A good place to start is by combining three principles. This will set the…
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