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What is performance management? ManagingPerformanceBundle


Posted on November 22nd, 2015 · Posted in Managing Performance

Product Description

We’ve created a fantastic-value performance management bundle. Eight great PDF e-guides to help you develop your performance management skills. At half the normal price! Read the guides in this order, and use the tools in each, and you’ll be well on your way to managing better performance. (8 pdf guides, 253 pages, 95 tools, for half price!)

1 It’s All About Performance

This free guide introduces one of the most important management responsibilities. Yet it’s a role that many managers find the most difficult aspect of their job: performance management. It’s All About Performance could be just what you are looking for to kick-start your own performance improvement! It will help make this part of your job easier, as well as develop your skills in this critical management function. (24 pages, 4 diagnostic tools)

2 Managing Performance and Potential

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This guide sets out the key principles of performance management, with useful tools to help you put them into practice . Management is about getting things done, but critically, it’s about getting things done through the people you manage.

Performance management matters to everyone. It’s one way to help ensure that what we do, we do well. It also helps us to deliver the quality products or services that our customers want. Whatever else you do as a manager, you need to do this well! (26 pages, 4 tools)

3 Conducting a Performance Review

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A performance review is a balancing act. It should balance the need to look backwards (the review), with the need to look forwards (the plan). It should also balance the need to address weaknesses, whilst at the same time building on strengths.

If you want to learn how to carry out productive performance appraisals: then look no further! This guide is packed with practical tools to help you implement a step-by-step guide to conducting reviews. (33 pages, 8 tools)

4 Manage Your Own Performance

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Few things are more important than developing your own management skills, one area that really shouldn’t be left to chance! This e-guide will help you hone the essential skills you’ll need to help improve your own performance as a manager. (28 pages, 6 tools)

5 Motivating Performance

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Your job as a manager is to engage your colleagues so that they want to do much more than just clock on and off. Are you:

Struggling to get the best out of your team?
Unsure how to motivate your team to perform?
Trying to motivate people in difficult circumstances?

Then this guide is for you. Packed with tools, it will help you put motivation at the heart of good performance. (37 pages, 10 tools)

6 Performance Management Skills

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If managing performance is a crucial activity for a manager, then the skills addressed in this guide are some of the most important you can learn. This great-value guide will help you identify the specific skills needed to manage performance, then develop them quickly and effectively. It provides practical advice in five essential performance management skills. Use it to assess your own strengths in each of the skill areas. (19 pages, 7 tools)

7 15 Performance Management Tips

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This guide contains concise, easy-to-read key tips from our performance management series, The guide includes thought-provoking quotes and actions, to help you improve performance, right now! These tips will help you to:

Find short, focused insights to guide your thinking.
Inspire performance in others with essential tips.
Apply vital ideas with practical actions.
Motivate yourself – ideas to bring performance to life.
Improve how you manage performance. (20 pages, 15 tips)

8 Performance Management Toolkit

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Our Performance Management Toolkit is a colossal 66 page resource pack, full of performance appraisal tools. The toolkit comprises over forty tools, providing guidelines, handy tips and processes to help you manage performance.

The toolkit is structured with flexibility in mind. The tools are usefully structured in the order of a 7-step performance management process. Alternatively, you can simply use any tool individually, as and when you need to. Invest in this toolkit and find a better way to performance manage! (66 pages, 41 tools – divided into the seven steps of a performance management process).

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