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Sustaining Change

Many books on change management deal with how to prepare for change. What’s often overlooked is support for leaders dealing with change after the event. Dealing with the fall-out from change is one of the most difficult aspects of change management. Overcoming any negative responses, re-focusing such reactions on positive outcomes, then achieving new goals is a real test for any leader. This guide shows you how to cope with those challenges and how to sustain change.

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Product Description

Content: 26 pages, 5 tools.

Format: Downloadable pdf with in-text, hyper-links for easy navigation.

Changing to different ways of working or organising requires commitment and energy. Leading your team to achieve the benefits of change is a vital leadership role.

But so is balancing current performance with change to achieve future performance. This guides will help you to manage those challenges and make change sustainable.

This guide will:

  • Explain key leadership techniques needed to maintain performance, whilst transitioning to different ways of working.
  • Help you to cope effectively with the new situation following a change process, especially during difficult change.
  • Will consider how to sustain positive change and a focus on improvement.


  • Change readiness
  • Holding the tension of change
  • Survivor syndrome
  • Surviving survivor syndrome
  • Absenteeism or presentee-ism?
  • Addressing attitude
  • Getting ahead of the change curve
  • Improving supply and demand
  • Innovation


  • Tool 1:  Being change-ready
  • Tool 2:  Surviving survivor syndrome
  • Tool 3:  Managing attitude presentee-ism
  • Tool 4:  Balancing supply and demand
  • Tool 5:  Leading through innovation