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SMART Goals, SHARP Goals

This e-guide explains the often-used SMART approach to goal setting but it does much more. It offers deeper insights into goal-setting and provides answers to some significant questions:
  • What kinds of goals are likely to motivate us to succeed?
  • What kind of goals should you pursue to be happier in what you do?
  Being a SMART goal-setter is valuable but it’s not enough. To be really successful, you also need to be SHARP. This guide will help you to set SMART goals, then take SHARP action to achieve them.

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Product Description

Content: 30 pages and 5 tools

Format: Downloadable pdf with in-text, hyper-links for easy navigation.

SMART goals have become a common feature in most organisations. In this guide we explain the conventional, well-known version of SMART, before addressing some of the limitations of the acronym. In doing so we’ll introduce ideas about how to develop goals that are more likely to motivate you to succeed. You’ll find out how to develop effective goals, then combine SMART goal setting with SHARP action. That’s because goals are only wish lists unless we convert them to action.

In this guide we will explore answers to the following questions:

  • How do you define goal setting?
  • What features of goal setting are important, if we want to ensure they are more likely to be successfully achieved?
  • What kinds of goals are more likely to make us motivated to achieve them?
  • How do you set SMART goals?
  • Why do goals matter?
  • What kind of goals should you pursue to be happier in what you do?
  • How do you set team goals?
  • What strategies can you apply to overcome barriers to setting goals?
  • How do you develop SHARP plans of action that help you to achieve your goals?
  • What techniques can you use to get things done?
  • How do you set personal goals?


  • Tool 1:  Conventional goal setting
  • Tool 2:  Setting SMART goals that motivate
  • Tool 3:  The kind of goals that will make you happier
  • Tool 4:  Taking SHARP action
  • Tool 5:  Team goals flowchart
  • Tool 6:  Eight personal goal setting questions