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Motivational techniques for managers

Motivating Performance

Performance is much more than simply doing a job, but for many people that’s what work seems to have become. Your job as a manager is to engage your colleagues so that they want to do much more than just clock on and off. Are you:
  • Struggling to get the best out of your team?
  • Unsure how to motivate your team to perform?
  • Trying to motivate people in difficult circumstances?
Then this guide is for you. It will help you put motivation at the heart of good performance. Using the PERFORM model the guide places the emphasis on motivating performance, not just on process. Managing the mix of employee motivation factors is a critical step to improving performance in your teams. That’s just what this e-guide will help you to do.

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Product Description

Content: 37 pages and 10 performance motivation tools

Format: Downloadable pdf with in-text, hyper-links for easy navigation.

This guide will help by answering the following questions:

What factors motivate people to perform?
How do you combine these factors to help motivate people?
How do you encourage and recognize potential?
How do you identify opportunities and resources to support an individual’s goals?

What’s in Motivating Performance:

Develop the Potential in employees
Put the employee’s Expertise to work, where they can contribute most
Review Results to monitor performance and feedback improvements
Place a Focus on priorities, to ensure these get done, and that they fit team and organizational needs and goals
Create Opportunities for employees to excel
Allocate appropriate Resources to the right areas, and to the right people
Help to Motivate employees to realise their potential
Understand and manage the range of employee motivation factors
Apply strategies to motivate in challenging situations

10 great tools to help you understand and manage employee motivation factors: Recognizing Potential Putting Expertise to Work Question Checklist Reviewing Results – Assessing Performance Reviewing Results – Training and Development Aligning Team Goals Setting SMART and Motivational Goals Opportunity Checklist Matching Goals and Resources Checklist of Employee Motivation Factors Motivating in Challenging Situations