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Making Change Personal

Managing change is no easy task. How can managers implement change, given that it’s not always well received?

One key is to remember that change is personal. We all react differently to a changing environment.

People are far more likely to embrace change if it can be made relevant to them personally. How can you do that?

This guide is packed with insights and tools to help you make change personal. Be more than a manager who endures change – be a leader who shapes it.

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Product Description

Content: 22 pages and 5 tools

Format: Downloadable pdf with in-text, hyper-links for easy navigation.

When a change is proposed in the workplace, almost invariably our first thoughts are of how it might affect us. From the very start, change seems to be personal. So our own initial response to change is important. If we’re not really aware of this, managing change can be a difficult task, simply because of the initial assumptions we make. Being aware of how we react to change, and the choices we have, are the first steps towards shaping change positively.

This guide will help you do just that: shape change positively.

This guide we will help you to:

Assess your own approach to change.
Recognise the need for personal change.
Develop skills to manage the transitions through stages of change.
Maintain energy to cope with change.
Make the most of changes.
Cope with uncertainty.
Find your own motivation to shape change positively.


Personalising change
How do you make change personal?
Responses to change
Changing yourself
The need to change
Change and transitions
People view change differently
Change and energy
Shaping change positively
Shaping change through principles


Tool 1: Check-list for making change personal
Tool 2: Personalising change
Tool 3: Using your head, heart and hand
Tool 4: Changing yourself
Tool 5: Change and transitions