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Leading with Focus

What makes a good leader? Style and focus! Your leadership style will determine how you engage with people, providing motivation and commitment. Your leadership focus will help ensure you apply the right leadership style for the right situation. Leading with both style and focus are critical for effective leadership. Find out how to lead teams through the different stages of their development – with the best style and focus.

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Product Description

Content: 22 page guide with 5 tools

Format: Downloadable pdf with in-text, hyper-links for easy navigation.

What is meant by leadership style? To some degree your own personal style, or way of doing things reflects who you are as a person. However most people are also capable of adapting their behaviour to the context and situation they are in. This may sound complex initially, but in reality we often actually adapt our approach to different situations quite naturally. It’s when you can’t, or won’t be flexible that problems often occur. This guide discusses some key ideas about leadership so that you can:

Specify the results you need.
Play to the strengths within the team you lead.
Focus your leadership style to support people and get results.
Align the efforts of your team to focus on achieving its goals.
Make the most of external factors.


Effective leadership for results.
What makes a good leader?
How does your style help you get results?
Adapting your leadership style.
Leadership styles for different stages of team development.
Leading with style and focus.


Tool 1: Summary checklist for leading with style & focus
Tool 2: Leadership style preference
Tool 3: Diagnosing leadership style need
Tool 4: Team stage, style and focus checklist
Tool 5: Leadership style and context