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Motivational stories

Leading Insights

In this guide we have brought together some uncommon insights into leadership. These will help you to continually define what leadership means for you, for the organisation and people you work with. Considered together, the insights reinforce an important notion. That leadership is increasingly needed in unpredictable circumstances, where resources are constrained. It’s leaders who are expected to show the way forward, often by thinking differently. Theories can provide useful frameworks for our thinking, but they can also limit us. Insights which provoke us to think differently about leadership should never be overlooked. This guide offers a complementary approach to other methods for understanding leadership.

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Product Description

Content: 30 pages with 22 great leadership insights.

Format: Downloadable pdf with in-text, hyper-links for easy navigation.

There is no shortage of useful and helpful leadership theories and models. Yet sometimes, we need to be encouraged to think differently, to:

Provoke our thinking with fresh insights.
Stretch our understanding.
Ignite ideas.

Amongst other things, the guide will help you to think about:

Turning around performance within difficult working contexts.
Avoiding compromise by holding competing tensions.
Resourceful leadership – building resource flexibility when resources are constrained.
Going with the grain – what behavioural sciences can contribute to the key leadership role of influencing.
How your mood as a leader has a bigger impact than you might think.
Saliency, sagacity and serendipity: 3 uncommon elements of strategic leadership.

The Leading Insights:

Uncommon insights
Tipping point leadership
Find the glass
Leaders need to be cathedral thinkers
Would you recommend your service/organisation to your friends?
Putting on a performance
Would people pay to see your team perform?
Bricolage leadership
Resourceful leadership
Nudging leadership
Mirror leadership
Chameleon leadership
Catalyst leadership
Chrysalis leadership
Saliency, sagacity and serendipity
Infectious leadership
Infected leadership
Great work days
Defining moments
Conveying what you care about
The kind of goals leaders set matters
Motivating leaders