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Leadership Essentials

Search for “leadership” books and you’ll find over 40,000 titles from which to choose. It seems everyone has a view on leadership but how is it possible to learn about leadership, and how do you learn how to be a better leader? This guide is the place to start. It’s packed with: Easy-to-read insights into the essentials of leadership. Easy-to-use tools to help you be a better leader.

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Product Description

Content: 31 pages with 7 tools.

Format: Downloadable pdf with in-text, hyper-links for easy navigation.

Leadership and management knowledge is not static. It must be dynamic if it’s to help us respond to the constantly changing environment in which our businesses operate.

Some ideas may well have a timeless quality about them, others may have had their time and have a diminishing relevance for the future. Therefore, what we know about leadership and management should be under regular review.

This e-guide is designed to help you:

Explore key leadership ideas.
Evaluate the relevance, credibility and limitations of current ideas of leadership.
Apply relevant leadership models to your practice.
Develop your ability to keep-up-to –date.

What’s in the guide:

Where do you start?
Some leadership qualities
How is leadership defined?
Leadership vs management
The changing face of leadership
Old and new paradigm leadership thinking
Leadership myths
Emerging areas
Uncommon leadership
Leadership style and team stages
Leading – between knowing and doubting
Learning to lead
Leadership journey


Tool 1: An ideal leader
Tool 2: Leadership and management
Tool 3: The changing face of leadership
Tool 4: Transforming the leadership scales
Tool 5: Leadership skills for leadership styles
Tool 6: Learning to lead
Tool 7: Leading in your organisation