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Unlocking Creativity

Extreme thinking? At work? Surely not! Some interpretations of extreme thinking relate it to polarised thinking. For example, thinking purely in terms of black or white, up or down, extremely good or extremely bad. This guide is about extreme thinking from a different perspective. It’s about thinking creatively, with an open mind. Thinking differently about a situation is often the first step to finding a creative solution with which to move forward. The aim of the guide is to start you thinking about thinking – using the power of ideas to help shape the future where you work.

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Product Description

Content: 25 pages and 5 tools

Format: Downloadable pdf with in-text, hyper-links for easy navigation.

The guide will help you to unlock creativity by:

Applying thinking techniques for creativity.
Exploring different perspectives to aid creative solutions.
Investigating “Tipping Point” principles – small changes which have big impacts.
Applying principles to test the potential of new ideas.

Here are some examples of the creative extreme thinking discussed in this guide:

Questions, questions, questions…
Ask why not, not why…
Find the tipping point…
Think BIG
Be a cathedral thinker…
Think small…
Here and now exchanges…
Service is a performance…
Customers come second…
Try it before you do it…


Creative Extreme Thinking
Get ready, mind-set, goal!
Start here?
A process for creative thinking
Questions, questions, questions…
Think big
Think small
Think differently
Tipping points
Thinking is not enough…


Tool 1: Get ready, mind-set, goal!
Tool 2: Creative thinking techniques A-Z
Tool 3: Questions that create possibilities
Tool 4: Big, small, different
Tool 5: New idea filter test