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Do More With Less

The management of resources is a dilemma for any manager. This guide offers ideas from management thinkers to help you do more with less. Or, perhaps better still, to help you do less whilst achieving more. Do More with Less discusses principles and suggests techniques to help managers deal with a growing problem. How to manage the increasing pressures of decreasing resources. It does this with some useful tools and some thoughtful insights. As Lord Rutherford once said: “We don’t have any money so we’re going to have to think!”

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Product Description

Content: 25 pages and 5 tools

Format: Downloadable pdf with in-text, hyper-links for easy navigation.

The guide will help you to:

Evaluate approaches to managing with limited resources.
Develop techniques to manage limited resources.
Investigate scarcity and abundance mentalities.
Apply the Pareto principle, dealing with the small number of events which account for the majority of results.


What do we focus on?
Confusing efficiency with effectiveness
The efficiency focus
Knowing how to work smarter
Using resources
Being resourceful
Scarcity and abundance
The laws and principles of working smarter
A final thought – find the glass….


Tool 1: The Eff words
Tool 2: Being resourceful
Tool 3: Work smarter tips
Tool 4: 80/20 prioritising tool
Tool 5: What does more mean?