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The happier workplace

Happy Workplace

These are the 6 key guides we recommend to help you create that happy workplace:

Have a Good Workday

How to be a Happy Manager

Workstyle, Lifestyle

Managers Make the Difference

Managing from Stength to Strength

Making Change Personal

Read more by clicking on the links below. Each can be purchased individually but choose all 6 as a Happy Workplace Bundle and pay half-price!

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Product Description

We’ve bundled together these six PDF e-guides to help you create a happy workplace. At half the normal price! Read the guides in this order, and use the tools in each, and you’ll be well on your way to creating that happy workplace. (6 pdf guides, 138 pages, 24 tools, for half price!)

1 Have a Good Work Day

Introduces the happy workplace series. Being happy at work starts with having good days at work. This guide applies happiness principles to help you enjoy more of them. Have a Good Work Day is a free guide but it’s included because it contains some excellent tips for creating a happy workplace. (16 pages, 4 tools)

2 How to be a Happy Manager

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Shows you how happiness is good for managers, the people they manage, and the organisations that employ them. This great value guide will make an instant impact on the way you manage – for the better! Find answers to the questions that will help you become happier at work. (15 concise tips, each with an action check-list)

3 Workstyle Lifestyle

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Contains an easy-to-use model, packed with practical tips, to help you get the balance right. Paying attention to our well-being is crucial because feeling good, and functioning well, go hand-in-hand. (31 pages, 5 tools)

4 Managers Make the Difference

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Will show you how to be a manager people are happy to work for. Evidence suggests that good managers can and do make a significant difference to performance. And people who are happier, perform better. If you want happier workplaces. it’s managers who make the difference. (27 pages, 5 tools)

5 Managing from Strength to Strength

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Looks at the question: “what do great managers do differently”? One of their secrets is a focus on people’s strengths. This one, simple idea can transform the way you work, and the performance of the people you manage. (22 pages, 5 tools)

6 Making Change Personal

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Shows you how to make the changes that will help you create a happy workplace. This will only happen if we are willing to change. Change is always personal. Coping with change requires recognition of how it affects people, and strategies to manage it. This final guide in the bundle explores how we can develop our capacity to make personal changes, to better cope with change, and to help shape the changes around us. (22 pages, 5 tools)