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Team building activities Bundle


These are the 8 key guides we recommend to help you build a better team:

Why is Teamwork Important

Build a Better Team

The Problems with Teams

Team Health Check

Team Building Exercises

Leading with Style and Focus

What's the Problem?

Making Better Decisions

Read more by clicking on the links below. Each can be purchased individually but choose all 8 as a Teams Bundle and pay half-price!

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Product Description

We’ve created a fantastic-value teams bundle. Eight great PDF e-guides to help you develop your team-building skills. At half the normal price! Read the guides in this order, and use the tools in each, and you’ll be well on your way to building a better team. (8 pdf guides, 238 pages, 50 tools, for half price!)

1 Why it Teamwork Important?

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This free guide introduces our series on teams. Most organisations see the value in teams. The vast majority of work done in organisations is performed by teams. It’s not that we don’t recognise their value. It’s just that there is much more that teams could deliver.

And usually it isn’t a lack of knowledge that prevents teams from being more effective: it’s that we don’t put into practice much of what we already know. Want to get more out of your team? Find out how in this guide, for free! (27 pages, 5 tools)

2 Build a Better Team

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Teams don’t just happen, they need to be built! Discover the team building ideas that can help you build a better team. This comprehensive yet easy-to-use guide will show you how to: start well; build the team; create a team that performs; and lead a team that can sustain high performance. (37 pages, 9 tools)

3 The Problems with Teams

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Almost all work performed in organisations is done by teams. So, many of the problems you’ll have to solve will be in teams too. This e-guide is packed with practical insights into dealing with team problems, at all stages of their development. And essential reading at any stage of your career! (30 pages, 5 tools)

4 Team Health Check

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This e-guide has been designed to help you create and maintain a healthy team. It will show you how to evaluate the current state of your team’s health and how to deal with your findings. The guide is a great value 24-page tool providing a structured, systematic health check of an existing team. It can be used by:

New team leaders wanting to assess a team soon after taking over.
Existing team leaders, conducting regular management routines.
Any team leader who wants to focus on improving team performance. (24 page tool)

5 Team Building Exercises

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A great selection of team building exercises designed to help you build a better team. They can be used for a variety of purposes such as: introducing ideas; fostering team bonding; developing teamwork skills. Conveniently grouped to help you with teams at each of the four team development stages, each exercise is based on a simple-to-use format. This includes a description of the exercise, its aim, any material or preparation needed, full instructions, and tips for facilitation and discussion. (30 pages, 15 exercises)

6 Leading with Style and Focus

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Your leadership style will determine how you engage with your team, providing motivation and commitment. Your leadership focus will help ensure you apply the right leadership style for the right situation.

Leading with both style and focus are critical for effective team leadership. Find out how to lead teams through the different stages of their development – with the best style and focus. (22 pages, 5 tools)

7 What’s the Problem?

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Most problem solving guides and processes begin with defining the problem. This is important but first we show you how to answer two critical questions:

“Is it the right problem to solve?”
“What opportunities are created by this problem?”

This guide will help you with both questions using a 7-step problem-solving process, plus a great set of tips and tools to use it. These are both general and focused on solving problems faced by teams and team leaders. (35 pages, 5 tools)

8 Making Better Decisions

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Some people argue that decision making is the most difficult aspect of management. They may have a point given its scale and scope, constant presence, and potential impact. There is no doubt that the decisions you make shape the business you are in. So how can you make better decisions?

You’ll find some answers in this guide, again, both general and in the context of team leadership. The guide is packed with practical tools, clear processes, great tools, useful tips, and thoughtful insights. (33 pages, 5 tools)