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Employee recognition in the performance review

Performance Reviews

A performance review is a balancing act. It should balance the need to look backwards (the review), with the need to look forwards (the plan). It should also balance the need to address weaknesses, whilst at the same time building on strengths.If you want to learn how to carry out productive performance appraisals: then look no further! This guide is packed with practical tools to help you implement a step-by-step guide to conducting reviews.

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Product Description

Content: 33 pages, 8 performance appraisal tools

Format: Downloadable pdf with in-text, hyper-links for easy navigation.

Are you:

Conducting performance reviews for the first time?
Hampered by the way appraisals currently work in your organization?
Frustrated with the performance of your team?
Keen to develop the latent potential in your team?
In need of a clear process, and the right tools, to help you conduct productive performance appraisals?
Looking to improve your skills in conducting performance appraisals?

If any of the above apply to you then this e-guide is for you!

What’s in Conducting a Performance Review?

Implement a step-by-step process for productive performance appraisals
Realize the power of regular reviews
Set performance objectives to deliver individual, team and oganizational priorities
Write SMART performance goals and objectives
Develop action plans using the SHARP planning tool
Prepare and manage the performance appraisal meeting
Provide effective feedback, focused on performance
Deal with under-performance
Create the conditions to better manage performance at work


Review how performance appraisal works in your organization
Form for conducting mini-reviews
SMART goals and objectives tool
SHARP action plan tool
Preparing for a review tool
Checklist for managing a performance review
Guidelines for giving feedback
Managing under-performance diagnostic tool