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Defining Leadership

Leadership can never be separated from its context. You are a leader in a particular organisation, within a wider business environment and economic setting. The message of this guide is to encourage you to develop your own approach to leadership, building on the wisdom of others but based on your own strengths. Defining leadership is making critical, positive differences, to the people and the organisations in which you lead. It’s leading people effectively, regardless of any contextual difficulties within which they and you are operating.

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Product Description

Content: 31 page guide with 5 tools. Format: Downloadable pdf with in-text, hyper-links for easy navigation. What separates mediocre leadership from what we like to call defining leadership? When you think of great socio-political leaders such as Gandhi, Mandela or King, to captains of industry, like Carnegie, Ford or Branson, or entrepreneurs such as Anita Roddick each has led in their own differing ways. Their differences are what made them unique as leaders, but it’s worthwhile thinking about the things they may have in common. The guide is based on 5 things that leaders have in common. Of course, in reality what might be common to good leadership is often uncommon practice. Content: Your role as a leader Defining leadership What do great leaders have in common Leadership in context Leading with vision: seeing Leading with action: showing Leading with purpose: shaping Leading with service: serving Leading with others: shared leadership Tools: Tool 1: The less common leadership tool Tool 2: Building a vision Tool 3: The changing face of leadership Tool 4: Sharing leadership Tool 5: Leading change with your team