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Project Management Model

Using the 4D Project Management Model

This project management model is useful for any project, but ideal when project management isn’t your day job!

There are numerous, comprehensive models in use. Though perhaps some are too comprehensive!

When you’re a busy manager, and managing projects as well, often what’s needed is a clear but simple process to follow. The 4D project management model provides such a process. The model is outlined below and you can click on the links at the bottom of the page to look at each of the steps in detail.

The project may be something you’ve been given to manage, with little say in its definition. Or it may be something you have generated yourself.

Either way, to complete a successful project, and thus be a happy project manager, beginning with proper planning time is critical. The importance of ensuring that outcomes are meaningful and worthwhile before you start cannot be overemphasized.

So after looking at the overview of the steps below, click on the “project management guidelines” link at the bottom of this page for a guide to starting off on the right track.


The 4 D Model


The 4D Project Management Model


Managing a project is one of those situations where you have defined responsibility as the project manager to deliver something tangible in the organisation. You can make an impact both on your organisations performance and on you own reputation.

So it is vital to set off on the right path. Clarity in the aims, objectives and outcomes for the project are essential to start well and must be then supported by a well crafted plan.

Click on Project Management Guidelines to look in detail at the critical steps needed to define your project. Resist the tendency to jump straight in to action; time spent clarifying the aims, objectives and outcomes will save you much more time in the long run.

Make sure you are clear which way you want to go before you start!

You may also find it valuable to use a Project Management Checklist to help you think through all the issues when you start out on a project. This is particularly useful to support the 4D project management model when project management isn’t your day job.


You can find more of our project management resources by reading our featured pages (below).

Project Management ModelThe UK Department for Education’s website has some very useful project management guidelines. Follow this link to their great online resource.

One of our affiliate partners also has some excellent project management resources. Project Management Templates has packaged 180 downloadable, “tried and tested templates and guides”.

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