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Personal Value Development

Personal Value Development: You’re Worth It!

Thinking about your personal value development places a different emphasis on personal growth. We often think of value when we take stock of our financial investments. Are they safe, appropriate, or generating adequate return for the money committed?

Personal Value Development

However any investment decisions you may be thinking of taking should also include something equally important. What do you plan to invest in yourself?

Some might argue that creating your own personal development strategy is the most important investment you can make. So, as with any investment decisions don’t forget to factor in your own development and think about the value it adds.

In the long term, and in the bigger picture, personal value development is probably the best investment advice you can get. An investment which could produce the biggest return you could wish for.

Today, most professionals have careers which span several organizations, increasingly with periods working for themselves. So perhaps it’s not a bad idea to think and act as if you are always working for yourself. Here are some things to think about when planning your personal value development for the coming year:

  • What do you want to be known for?
  • How can you get better at what you do?
  • How can you do more of what you want to do?
  • What do you need to know, and what skills do you need to practise, to master your area of expertise?
  • What new experience(s) could you gain during the coming year?
  • What activities or projects could you volunteer for which will enhance your own development (and ensure your employment value increases)?
  • How will these developments increase your value (to yourself, others around you, your employer, your customers/clients)?

Start investing in yourself today!

Why should you invest your time, your money and your energy in developing yourself? Perhaps paraphrasing Henry Ford provides one answer:

“There is no one living who isn’t capable of doing more than they think they can do.”


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