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Motivational Quotes

Motivational Quotes from the Happy Manager

Welcome to our collection of motivational quotes.

Looking for inspiration, or simply trying to think differently about something? A quotation can draw attention, bring focus, add humour, and provide insight. Sometimes it can provide just the lift that’s needed.

Here you’ll find a range of motivational articles, tips, tools and resources. They’re designed to provoke you to think, and to encourage you to act.

The motivational quotes on the Happy Manager have been carefully selected. Hopefully they’ll make a positive difference to your lives and to the lives of the people you care for. No doubt you’ll discard or ignore many, but some will strike a chord.

Keep these and use them as seeds, promoting your own growth and that of the people around you. With all of these articles, and their inspirational words, let the quotations themselves do the “talking”.

Think about the significance or implications of each:

  • What do they inspire you to do?
  • How do they make you think or feel, and do they prompt you to act?
  • How can you use these feelings to improve your own lives, and those of the people around you?

Motivational Quotes

How to use motivational quotes

Motivational quotesThese quotes can be used in numerous ways. They are an excellent way to introduce team meetings, as icebreakers or discussion prompts.

Use them to bring life or extra meaning to presentations. Or use them to close meetings, sending your colleagues off with memorable “parting gifts”.

They can also be printed for posting in strategic places, or attached to communications. Anywhere, in fact, where they can make a difference.


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