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Management Consulting Leadership Training Development

What are Businesses Looking for in a Training Provider?

Management Consulting Leadership Training Development?

What are businesses looking for in their training providers? There can be few decisions more important for a business than finding the right help in developing their leaders and managers. After all, managers are central to the growth and health of an organisation.

So, do organisations want management consultancy? Do they simply want help in delivering leadership training and development? Or, do they want it all?

What are businesses looking for when they select a partner to help them develop their managers and leaders?

The answer to this question is not as straightforward as you might think. This article is based on research we conducted whilst managing client contracts for a UK business school.

What the Research Reveals –

Management Consulting Leadership Training Development?

Our research was based on two elements. In-depth interviews with a range of clients, followed by a thorough review of national reports. The interviews were designed to get client feedback about our work with them, whilst the literature review was used to determine whether our findings related to wider trends.Management Consulting Leadership Training Development

The client interviews encouraged customers to discuss their feelings on the way we’d worked with them, on various projects, over several years. The respondents clearly expressed just what they were looking for in any partnership with a consultancy or training and development business. Our findings were supported by analysis of the wider literature, and revealed three critical themes. Effective support for management consulting/leadership development/training should be based on:

  • The ability to offer genuinely customized solutions
  • A partnering approach which is built on relationships
  • Input from people with experience, expertise and a track record of successThis clearly points to an approach which is consultative in nature. An approach based on listening to the client, and working alongside the organisation to achieve its agreed outcomes.

A Comprehensive Solution –

Management Consulting Leadership Training Development?

In our view the evidence suggests that organizations are looking for a complete solution. They are want management consulting which leads to better leadership and management training and development. What does this mean in practice? Here’s what the research indicated.

Genuinely customized solutions means finding a provider who:

  • Determines a client’s needs and ensures any resources, courses and learning processes are fully relevant to those needs.
  • Recognises that often there is much good practice already evident in organizations, which should be built upon and incorporated into the development interventions.
  • Ensures that interventions fit with the operational issues faced by the client’s managers (especially time and availability constraints).

Track record and experience means:

  • Assessing the credibility of a potential partner.
  • Where have they worked before? What experience do they bring?

A partner approach built on relationships means finding a provider who:

  • Has the ability to genuinely listen to the client.
  • Provides support, challenge and encouragement.
  • Has a “can-do” attitude, focused on performance and results.

Management Consulting Leadership Training Development?

In our experience, the best results come from a mutual commitment and involvement, from both provider and client. This comes from taking the time to understand the client – needs, aspirations and situation.

It also comes from encouraging client involvement in the design and delivery of leadership and management programs, or other interventions. Such an approach is the key to a productive, successful, mutually beneficial relationship.


AND what’s more there is good evidence to support this approach. Whatever mix of support an employer needs (management consulting leadership training development?) finding the right provider is key. you’ll find a great article outlining the wider evidence behind our own findings on our Apex Leadership site.

Read more about how we can help your business on our “Services to Business” page. Use the “contact us” form to send us your enquiry. Or try our online store for our growing range of resources. These may be suitable for your needs “off the shelf” or contact us to discuss a license arrangement or the development of adapted or customized material.

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