Motivational Stories

A leader's most powerful tool?

Motivational Stories

A leader's most powerful tool?

Motivate with motivational stories…

Motivational stories have the power to go where no business plan has ever been! In business, as in life, stories can captivate the heart, stir the imagination and create the desire to act.

Story telling is an ancient art, but we shouldn’t underestimate its effectiveness as a learning and motivational tool. There are few better ways to learn than by merging creativity with context.

Storytelling is the single most powerful tool in a leader’s toolkit. (Howard Gardner)

Below is a list of the pages which use stories. Some of the stories are short, some are long. Some stand alone, while others are used to put context to articles about theory, practice, values and vision. But in our opinion, all are entertaining! We’re firm believers in the benefits of story-telling, so read, think and enjoy!

Our Motivational Stories
Barriers to Goal Setting

One of the biggest barriers to goal setting can be the thought that, sometimes our goals can seem beyond our reach. Use the “next-mile” principle to help you overcome your barriers to goal setting.

Benefits of Time Management
This article uses the story of a Greek fisherman showing a Harvard MBA graduate the real meaning of time management.

Destination Success? Try the Road Less Travelled
Is your destination success? Perhaps; if you try taking a road less travelled. This classic poem might inspire you to reach that destination, and maybe to move from good to great……

Goal Setting Leaders Put Their Legacy First
Alfred Nobel’s premature obituary illustrates the importance of legacy to our happiness, and how it’s never too late to plan for it!

Lesson on Goal Setting

An unusual lesson on goal setting and an interesting business success story.

Motivation in the Workplace: How Do You Define Your Work?
Two stories, one from Martin Seligman, the other based on a Peter Drucker story, demonstrate that in all walks of life people can make their work more a calling than just a job. How do you define your work? These two stories challenge us all to think again about what we do.

Personal Development Stories
This page contains our stories designed to help you with your personal growth. Whether in search of career development or just a happier life.

Stress Management And Relaxation: The Bigger Picture
This article uses a story which is well known by several names. Whether you prefer buckets, rocks and water, – or jars, golf balls and wine (like us), the important thing is to remember why you’re working.

The Secret of My Success…..
The Secret of My Success? This challenging story demonstrates how Christopher Reeve bravely redefined success. It’s a story that will make us all think, then maybe think again……

Motivational stories for leaders

If you’re interested in developing your leadership skills, take a look at one of our leadership e-guides. Leading Insights is packed with more leadership stories, and some leading insights into how they can be used! Insights such as:

  • Uncommon insights
  • Tipping point leadership
  • Find the glass
  • Leaders need to be cathedral thinkers
  • Would you recommend your service/organisation to your friends?
  • Putting on a performance
  • Would people pay to see your team perform?
  • Bricolage leadership
  • Resourceful leadership
  • Nudging leadership
  • Mirror leadership
  • Chameleon leadership
  • Catalyst leadership
  • Chrysalis leadership
  • Saliency, sagacity and serendipity
  • Infectious leadership
  • Infected leadership
  • Great work days
  • Defining moments
  • Conveying what you care about
  • The kind of goals leaders set matters
  • Motivating leaders

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