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A Happy Manager – really? Yes, really!

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How often do you put the words happy and manager together?

Can you really be both happy and a manager? An interesting question and one no doubt questioned by many!

On the one hand it may be true that the words don’t seem to go together. We could have called this site the frustrated manager, the stressed manager, the hassled manager, the over-worked manager, the undervalued manager, the under pressure manager. All have a ring of truth.

But on the other hand, why shouldn’t happy and manager go together? If we think about it, nobody wants to be any of the managers we’ve just listed. Who wouldn’t prefer to manage without the pressures, hassles, stresses and so on.

A Happy Manager – really? Yes, really!

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That is, who wouldn’t want to be a happy manager, if given the choice?

So we think it the idea of the happy manager does make sense, because:

  • Intuitively, we do want to be happier at work.
  • Most managers would ideally prefer to create a working environment in which people are happier.
  • There is growing, compelling evidence that happier workplaces are not just good for you, they’re also good for business.
  • There are ways to become happier at work.

Perhaps it’s time to think differently about our organisations and about the way we work. A happy manager? Yes, really!

You can read some of the key ideas that inform our thinking on the happy manager in: the Meaning of Happiness at Work.

Or why not use the tools and practical tips in our great-value e-guide: How to be a Happy Manager.

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